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Generation One

Together we are Generation One. Turning science and ideas into climate action that will help us create a positive, fair and progressive future. For us and for generations to come. The time is now.


Generation One is here.  Will you join us?

As Generation One we are tackling the big climate questions of today and tomorrow. In the lead up to COP26 and beyond, we'll be sharing the answers to 26 of these questions.

We'll be providing the science behind the actions that we, our communities and our governments can take for a positive future.

Pledge your action from one of the questions above.

Why Generation One?

We will not be the last generation – but we will be the last to accept complacency when it comes to the realities of human impacts on earth. Because this isn’t the end of the climate story; it’s the start.

The start of viewing the earth as a fundamental part of ourselves, of acknowledging the climate emergency as something that is part of our own experience.  And it’s the start of changing the fact that those least responsible for the impact on our planet are the ones most impacted by the changes to it.

Together we are the new generation – the generation taking collective responsibility for our future climate. By turning science and ideas into climate action we are working towards a positive, fair and progressive future. For us and for the generations to come.  

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More from Generation One 

Generation One - forest fire

UCL's contribution to COP26

Meet UCL's expert COP26 team and find out how we are providing the evidence for the COP26 negotiations.

Generation One Campaign - underwater

Our research and latest news

Find out how UCL is developing the research and ideas to power a new era of climate action. Access our latest news and media coverage.

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Programme of events

Our wide array of events are addressing climate change from every possible angle. Check the selection below and book your place.

Generation One - exhibition

Exhibition: Inspiring Action on the Climate Emergency

This exhibition gives a snapshot of how UCL research is creating catalysts for positive change globally, locally and here at UCL. It aims to inspire you to contribute to change with 26 calls to action. 
5th Oct 2021  -  15th Nov 2021

Generation One - no planet B board

Do COP26 Right: What would a just COP26 look like?

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) takes place this November in Glasgow. But will justice be at its heart?
8 October 2021, 2pm-3pm

Generation One - antique clothing

Repair with Flair: Sustainable Fashion and Upcycling Workshop

Explore the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry by joining UCL Culture's series of lightning talks, featuring research that explores the relationship between fashion and climate change.
13 October 2021, 1pm-2pm

Generation One - urban spaces

Collective Storytelling in the Creation of Climate Resilient Urban Places

Join a walking, talking, drawing and storytelling workshop in and around UCL's campus.
20 October 2021, 2pm-5pm

Professor Mark Maslin and book cover

Lunch Hour Lecture: How To Save Our Planet

With COP26 in Glasgow fast approaching, Professor Mark Maslin shows us how we can save our Planet from climate change while improving everyone’s lives in this lunch hour lecture.
26 October 2021, 1pm-2pm

Generation One - earth

Laughing Matters. Can humour help us understand climate change?

Join comedian and environmental economist Matt Winning for a sharing of his stand up comedy that looks at the complexities of climate change. 
29 October 2021, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Generation One - Grant Museum

Collection Rebellion: Can museums be spaces for radical climate action?

How can museums - especially those with colonial collections - be spaces for radical climate action? Explore the Grant Museum Collections through a drawing, making and discussion workshop.
3 November 2021, 2pm-5pm


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