Climate Change



UCL people are collaborating with policymakers, entrepreneurs and local citizens to tackle the climate emergency across disciplines, sectors and communities.

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Public engagement and policyEntrepreneurshipIndustry partnershipsGlobal partnershipsClimate change and London


Public engagement and policy

Building the consensus for change

We are researching more effective ways of communicating the risks of climate change to the general public, empowering people with information and tools they need to take action in their own lives, and working with policymakers to build consensus for change. 


Climate-smart innovation

UCL has a strong track-record in helping people within our community create and spinout companies translating their ideas into real-world innovations. Our spirit of entrepreneurship is powered by people from across the organisation.

Industry partnerships

Turning high impact research into real world impact

UCL works with industry partners to translate research insights into real-world impact. Partnership with UCL can enhance the competitive edge of companies, while answering pressing questions about tackling global heating.

Global partnerships

Harnessing international networks and expertise

UCL is working with partners and communities around the world to tackle the climate crisis, catalysing experimentation in social, cultural, economic and political fields that will move society from climate emergency to global prosperity.

Climate change and London

London’s global university creating change on our doorstep

UCL is London’s global university, nourished by and contributing to one of the most exciting, ideas-driven cities in the world. UCL people are making important contributions to both local and global projects.