Climate Change



From climate modelling to climate justice and the green economy, UCL’s interdisciplinary research provides science-based evidence for how climate change impacts all aspects of life on earth, and ideas for urgent actions to address these challenges.

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Understanding climate changeThe AnthropoceneBuilt environment and transportClimate justice and governanceSustainable energy solutions |Climate resilience and adaptationHuman health and climate changeSustainable economics and finance


Understanding climate change

Evidencing the need for action

Our understanding of future climates has been greatly advanced by UCL’s expertise in polar research, atmospheric and sea physics, and environmental modelling and observation. 

The Anthropocene

Human impact on ecosystems, health and society

The impact of humans on our planet is now so extensive that many scientists are declaring a new phase in the Earth's history: The Anthropocene, a human‐dominated epoch of geological time. Climate change is arguably the definitive Anthropocene phenomenon. 

Climate justice and governance

Securing a fair, sustainable future for all

Climate change is an ethical, political and legal issue, as well as an environmental issue. UCL researchers from a range of disciplines are working to understand the complex depths of legal and governance institutions in the wake of the climate crisis, and to ensure responses to climate change are fair, sustainable and just. 

Built environment and transport 

Building a better future

How and where we live as we adapt to future climates is of major concern to nations across the globe. UCL specialists – from engineers to urban planners to ecologists – are reimagining urban development to create urban environments that take less of a toll on the world’s climate and resources. 

Sustainable energy solutions

Powering change

UCL is at the forefront of efforts to build sustainable energy systems. We’re applying the full force of our interdisciplinary expertise to develop innovative battery and fuel cell technologies, and smart solutions to reduce home energy, and shaping global energy policy to reduce emissions and achieve energy security for all. 

Climate resilience and adaptation

Facing humanity’s most crucial challenge

Climate change is one of our greatest long-term global challenges, with dire consequences for human health, wellbeing and livelihoods.UCL is mounting a comprehensive response drawing on many academic specialties and working with partners in business, academia and civil society. 


Human health and climate change

The impact of climate change on human health

Addressing climate change is the biggest opportunity for safeguarding human health; requiring an ultra-coordinated response across sectors and disciplines. UCL has been at the forefront of defining this opportunity through its contribution to the seminal joint UCL Lancet Commission on health and climate change.

Sustainable economics and finance

Reimagining a green economy

The unprecedented scale of the climate crisis demands radical thinking in how we design and finance the global economy. Researchers at UCL are rethinking economics and finance, to secure livelihoods and create jobs, safeguard resources and minimise waste, and stimulate sustainable, shared growth.