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The Centre for the Health of Women, Children and Adolescents Research Projects

Short TitleFull TitleName of PIStart/End DateCurrent/Completed/Archived
RES-WELLRES-WELLDr Jenevieve Mannell1 October 2022 – 31 October 2023Current
 SMARTDr Joanna Morrison November 2021 - October 2023Current
MADAWCommunity-based psychological treatment for adolescents with anxiety and depression in IndiaProf Audrey Prost1 April 2022 - 31 March 2025Current
Connecting communities with SDGsEngagement, art and the Sustainable Development Goals: connecting communities with goals in rural NepalDr Joanna Morrison1st March 2021- 31st July 2021Current
 Race & HealthDr Delan DevakumarJanuary 2020 - (ongoing)Current
PARDANParticipatory Action Research with Disabled Adolescents in Nepal (PARDAN) to develop methods and materials to understand their experience of COVID-19Dr Joanna Morrison1st February 2021 to 31st July 2021Current
MARCH-ZIMMapping risk and resilience to mental health consequences of child marriage in ZimbabweDr Rochelle BurgessJune 2020-June 2022Current

Siyaphambili Youth

Siyaphambili Youth

Dr Andrew Gibbs, Dr Jenevieve Mannell1st May 2020 - 31st October 2023Current
MIXESMigration and Xenophobia in SchoolsDr Delan Devakumar1st May 2019 - ongoingCurrent
 Lancet Nigeria CommissionProf Ibrahim Abubakar16th September 2019 to 31st May 2021Current
EVE ProjectEVE Project: Evidence for Violence prevention in the ExtremeDr Jenevieve Mannell1 March 2020 to 28 February 2024Current
 A package of care for the mental health of survivors of violence in South AsiaProf David OsrinApril 2018 to March 2022Current
QCN EvaluationQCN Evaluation: How does a multi-country, multilateral network focused on specific health care improvements evolve and what shapes its ability to achieve its goals?Dr Tim ColbournDecember 2018 to March 2022Current
INSPIRINGThe Integrated Sustainable Childhood Pneumonia and Infectious disease Reduction in Nigeria (INSPIRING) programme evaluation and researchDr Tim Colbourn1st November 2018 to 31st December 2022Current
 Beating Diabetes in urban NepalDr Joanna MorrisonJuly 2015-February 2018Current
 Children eloping to marry in rural Nepal: exploring the causes and consequencesDr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2016-July 2018Current
SNEHA TARA TrialCommunity interventions to prevent violence against women and girls in informal settlements in Mumbai: the SNEHA-TARA pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trialProf David OsrinJuly 2017-June 2022Current
JIAH – Jharkhand Initiative for Adolescent HealthCommunity Youth Teams facilitating participatory adolescent groups, youth leadership training and livelihood promotion to improve school enrolment, nutrition and mental health among adolescent girls in rural eastern India: a cluster randomised controlled trialProf Audrey ProstJanuary 2016-September 2020Current
 Community-based intervention to improve the well-being of left behind children in ChinaProf Therese HeskethJune 2014-June 2018Current
LifeboxDevelopment of a robust and reliable pulse oximeter for use by frontline healthcare providers caring for children with pneumonia in low-income countriesDr Carina KingJanuary 2016-September 2017Current
CAPPT TrialEnhanced, tailored antenatal care to reduce anaemia in pregnancy - the Comprehensive Anaemia Programme and Personalized Therapies (CAPPT) projectDr Naomi Saville Current
Forced migration and adolescent mental healthForced migration and adolescent mental health: understanding the cultural determinants of mental health in a context of mass displacementDr Delan DevakumarFebruary 2018-February 2019Current
Violence and Mental HealthMental Health Consequences of Community Violence among Adolescents in Brazil: Evidence and Methods to Inform Future Research and InterventionDr Delan DevakumarMarch 2018-March 2019Current
IDEASInformed decisions for actions to improve maternal and newborn health (IDEAS)Dr Zelee HillJan 2010 - Jan 2010Current
 Jeevan Shakti Mela - Festival of Lifeforce Dr Joanna MorrisonJan 2018 - Apr 2019Current
 MIRA Dhanusha trial: Community-based interventions for perinatal health and nutritionDr Naomi Saville  
 SPRINGSPRING: Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games Dr Zelee HillJan 2009 - Jan 2017Completed
BIVAAssessing malnutrition in pneumonia using bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA)Dr Carina KingJanuary 2015-October 2017Completed
Child MarriageBangles and Bindhis: engaging communities about child marriage in southern NepalDr Delan DevakumarDr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2016-October 2017Completed
 Carers voices: experiences from a universal child development screening programme in ThailandDr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2016-June 2017Completed
CARINGCommunity intervention to improve growth among children under two in rural India (CARING)Prof Audrey ProstOctober 2013-October 2017Completed
SNEHA Centres TrialCommunity resource centres to improve the health of women and children in Mumbai slums: a cluster randomised trial of a complex interventionProf David OsrinFebruary 2011-June 2017Completed
 Developing a prognostic algorithm for non-severe pneumonia treatment failureDr Carina KingOctober 2013-January 2015Completed
 Evidence for Action to Reduce Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Africa (E4A)Dr Tim ColbournJanuary 2011-April 2016Completed
 Exploring the effects of high sex ratio in urban and rural ChinaProf Therese HeskethMay 2008-May 2012Completed
 Improving access to quality healthcare for rural and urban poor in ChinaProf Therese HeskethFebruary 2008-March 2013Completed
 Intervention to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in children in Zhejiang Province, ChinaProf Therese HeskethDecember 2012-December 2015Completed
 Low Birth Weight in South Asia Trial: A study into cost-effective interventionsDr Naomi SavilleSeptember 2012-September 2016Completed
MOMIMissed Opportunities in Maternal and Infant Health (MOMI)/ Reducing maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in the year after childbirth through combined facility and community-based interventionDr Tim ColbournFebruary 2011-January 2016Completed
 Research into Women's groups activities and their potential to affect child development and child protection outcomesDr Naomi SavilleJanuary 2012-December 2014Completed
InScaleScaling up Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM): InScaleDr Zelee HillDecember 2009-August 2015Completed
 Supportive supervision of mid level health workers in rural Nepal for improved job satisfaction, motivation and quality of careDr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2016-December 2017Completed
 The determinants of non-initiation and early cessation of breast-feeding in HaringeyProf Therese HeskethAugust 2013-December 2015Completed
 The Dharavi Biennale Prof David OsrinFebruary 2013-November 2015Completed
Micronutrient 8 year follow upThe effects of antenatal micronutrient supplementation and current air pollution on growth and lung function in 8 year old childrenDr Delan DevakumarJanuary 2011-December 2012Completed
VacSurvVACSURV - evaluating the impact of a national pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccine roll-out on child mortality in MchinjiDr Carina KingJanuary 2011-September 2016Completed
 What are the relationships between the degree of pregnancy intention and key neonatal and maternal outcomes in the Mchinji district of Malawi?Dr Jenny HallApril 2012-April 2015Completed
 What should disability research research?  Perceptions of disabled people in the Western Cape, SADr Mary WickendenJanuary 2016-January 2017Completed
 SPRINGSPRING: Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games  Dr Zelee Hill April 2011 - March 2016 Completed
 IDEASInformed decisions for action improve maternal and newborn health (IDEAS)Dr Zelee Hill Dec 2010-Nov 2015 Completed
 Community Mobilization in Mumbai Slums to Improve Perinatal Care and Outcomes: A Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialProf David OsrinFebruary 2007-January 2011Archived
 District burden and costs of severe pneumonia before and after introduction of pneumococcal vaccine in MalawiProf Anthony CostelloOctober 2011-August 2014Archived
 Exploratory study to guide the design of an emollients trial in AfricaDr Zelee HillJanuary 2011-January 2014Archived
 Improving maternal, newborn and child health in low-income countriesProf Anthony CostelloMarch 2008-June 2013Archived
INSISTImproving Newborn Survival in Southern Tanzania (INSIST)Dr Zelee HillJanuary 2009-January 2014Archived
 Maternal and newborn care practices among disabled women, and their attendance in community groups in rural Makwanpur, NepalDr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2010-January 2012Archived
Wellcome Strategic AwardPopulation science of maternal and child survivalProf Anthony CostelloJanuary 2008-December 2014Archived
 Retention of nurses in rural Nepal: how can health sector decentralisation help?Dr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2011-January 2015Archived
EQUINAMSocio-economic inequalities and the MDGs: Building evidence to support equitable improvement in maternal and newborn health in Asia & Africa (Equinam)Dr Tanja HouwelingJuly 2011-December 2015Archived
 Testing a community based intervention to reduce neonatal deaths in rural Ghana: Newborn Home Intervention Study (Newhints)Dr Zelee HillJanuary 2008-January 2013Archived
 Verbal Autopsy through the use of Mobile Phones: What is the acceptability and feasibility of giving cause of death information generated by Mobile InterVA to families of the deceased in rural Nepal?Dr Joanna MorrisonJanuary 2013-May 2014Archived