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The Integrated Sustainable Childhood Pneumonia and Infectious disease Reduction in Nigeria (INSPIRING) programme evaluation and research

Project Summary 

Pneumonia is the second leading cause of infectious deaths, with 880,000 deaths in 2016, and half of these occurred in just 5 countries, one of which is Nigeria. This project will be conducted in Jigawa (north-west), and Lagos (south-west) states in Nigeria. All interventions will be delivered by Save the Children Nigeria independently of the evaluation by UCL. The project will be divided into three phases, and include a impact, process and economic evaluations for the intervention packages in each state.


The under-5 mortality in Jigawa state is 192/1000 livebirths, and we estimate that there are 14,988 cases of paediatric pneumonia in Jigawa annually. 

This project is a cluster randomised trial of a complex intervention to build capacity of communities and health care providers in Kiyawa LGA on paediatric pneumonia. This will be done through three intervention components: men’s and women’s community groups; healthcare worker training in integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI) and a community-facility link group for accountability. 

The aim of the trial evaluation is to determine the impact of the complex intervention package on all- cause deaths in children aged 0-59 months. The trial will include all communities in Kiyawa LGA, a population of 230,000, with approximately 57,000 children under-five years of age. 


The under-5 mortality in Lagos state is 50/1000 livebirths, and we estimate that there are 17,955 cases of paediatric pneumonia in Lagos annually. 

This project is a time-series analysis, of a complex intervention package including oximetry, oxygen support and training package for both primary and secondary care. The INSPIRING Project will provide the pulse oximeter devices and facilitate training in IMCI (or iCCM where appropriate) guidelines. Oxygen systems will upgraded to ensure they are of minimum medical standard, have uninterrupted power supplies, and trained staff to deliver oxygen treatment to children. 

The overall aim of this project is to evaluate the impact and cost-effectiveness of an integrated training and mentorship approach to the introduction of pulse oximetry and enhanced sustainable oxygen systems in Ikorodu local government area (LGA) in Lagos state, Nigeria, on the case fatality rate of paediatric pneumonia in children aged 0-59 months.

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