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Forced migration and adolescent mental health

Forced migration and adolescent mental health: understanding the cultural determinants of mental health in a context of mass displacement

Project Summary 

The project addresses a major problem faced by young people in areas affected by displacement. It is estimated that over 50% of people displaced from Syria and living in Lebanon are children and adolescents. The conflict and displacement experienced by Syrians and host communities in Lebanon is likely to have a profound and lasting impact on young people's mental health. Both the Lebanese Government and UNHCR have expressed serious concerns about creating a 'lost generation' of young people due to lack of support during important periods of intellectual and social development. 

The team aim to improve understanding of the cultural determinants of mental health, such as family expectations and gender roles, and how these are affected by experiences of displacement. We will use art and photography to engage with young people in Bar Elias and will work with local youth-oriented organisations to embed learning from the project into their practice. 

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