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Testing a community based intervention to reduce neonatal deaths in rural Ghana: Newborn Home Intervention Study (Newhints)

Project Summary 

Newhints is a cluster randomised trial to evaluate the impact of routine home visits by community volunteers on neonatal mortality in rural Ghana.

Newhints aims:

  • To develop a feasible and sustainable intervention to improve newborn care practices through routine home visits in pregnancy and the first week of life
  • To evaluate the impact of these home visits on all cause neonatal mortality
  • To evaluate their impact on newborn care practices
  • To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the intervention

The trial is being conducted in 6 contiguous districts in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The study area has a total population of approximately 600,000, with more than 100,000 women of reproductive age and15, 000 births a year.

The Newhints intervention was developed over a 2 year period in close collaboration with the 6 District Health Management Teams and relevant national programme coordinators.

The core component of the Newhints intervention is to train the current network of community based surveillance volunteers (CBSVs) to identify pregnant women in the community and to conduct two home visits during pregnancy and three in the first week of life of the neonate to address essential maternal and neonatal care practices, and to assess and refer sick babies.

Newhints also involves strengthening of the DHMTs including developing a sustainable supervisory and remuneration structure for the CBSVs and several supportive activities including improving skills in newborn care in the district hospitals and sensitisation activities with health facility staff, traditional birth attendants and communities.


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