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Athena SWAN ECU Gender Charter

Established in 2005 to encourage and recognise the commitment of higher education institutions to advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM).In 2011, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) announced that they would only expect to shortlist medical schools for biomedical research centre and unit (BRC/BRU) funding in 2016, if the school holds a Silver Athena SWAN Award.

In May 2015 the Athena Swan Charter was expanded to address gender equality more broadly, and not just barriers to progression that affect women.

We have won an Athena SWAN Silver Award for our continuing work to promote equal opportunities. The award promotes sustained progress towards achieving gender equality.


Useful Resources


Below you can find a list of useful links grouped by topic.

UCLs Equalities and Diversity Strategy

Training, support and funding opportunities for Women and parents and carers at UCL: view here
UCL staff guidance on supporting working parents and carers: view UCL web site to download the current policy.

Policies at UCL

Flexible working practices at UCL: slide presentation by Anne-Marie Howard, HR Policy Officer
Employee benefits

Funding for Women in Science

Women in science
The Daphne Jackson Trust
Welcome Trust web: View career re-entry page

Networks for Women in Science

Women in science Nature Special
Women in science EMBO policy
International association of women in science.
European platform of women scientists.
European association for women in science engineering and technology
Gender Summit
Mums in science
eLIFE: Point of view: What does it take to recruit and retain senior women faculty?read here

Networks for LGBTQ+ staff and students

Out @ UCL
UCL Trans Network
Students' Union UCL LGBT+ Students' Network

LGBT+ Equality resources

UCL LGBTQ+ Equality resource page

Mentoring and Coaching

UCL uMentor
UCL coaching
UCL mentoring
BMEntor - a scheme for black and minority ethnic (BME) academics and researchers, across several London universities
UCL Coaching and Mentoring skills training

Training and Development

A full list of UCL training courses is available here.
Personal impact and confident networking
Resilience and resourcefulness

Training for Women

Springboard women’s development programme

Leadership Training

Leadership and Management training, includes courses for those aspiring towards management roles, and for those in management roles.
Leading on Diversity

For Early Career Researchers

Your career, your future
Taking control of your career
Leadership in Action is a three-day intensive experiential leadership programme designed to prepare early career researchers for leadership in their chosen research field and which will also place them in good stead to show leadership within the wider community.

Academic Skills

Conference Abstracts and posters
Giving presentations
Writing a peer review
Quality papers
Writing a book
Writing targeted grant proposals


Fair recruitment policy briefing
Interview skills, for staff wishing to develop their skills in interviewing candidates at a selection process.

Promotions and Accelerated Incements 

Senior promotions briefing
Detailed information about writing CVs, along with templates from UCL Careers Services: download document
ICS Promotions and Accelerated Increment Award Workshop


Servicing meetings and committees

UCL Networks

UCL women, networks for female academic scientists. Find events and follow on Twitter @UCLWomen
Astrea, women in professional services
PACT - Parents and carers network