Astrea - UCL's network for women in professional services

Astrea is a network run by and for women in professional services roles at UCL. It was established in 2013 to provide professional services women the opportunity to come together, share experiences and learn from one other. Astrea facilitates opportunities for women in professional services roles to:

  • Engage in professional and personal development
  • Share and learn from others’ experience and insight
  • Offer and benefit from the support of others
  • Network and build connections with women at all levels across UCL

Get involved 

There are currently three ways that you can participate in Astrea. 

1: Join the Steering Committee

The departing Chair, Catherine Thomson and one of the Co-Founders, Alice Chilver will work together to appoint a new committee and get them set up for a successful year.

2: Join the mailing list to hear events news and updates from the network

Make sure you are on the mailing list so that you are first to hear about new events and development from the network. 

3: Share your experiences and ideas at an event

In 2018, we will be hosting six events across the year. If you have skills, experiences or a story you'd like to share then pleased let us know. We'll get in touch to discuss your ideas in more detail with you. 

Astrea Conference 2016 Caroline Criado Perez Astrea Conference 2016 audience astrea-conference-2016-workshop-1