About Astrea

Women make up half of the world’s population yet they do not hold half the leadership roles. Astrea supports the move towards 50/50 leadership and equality for women and men. After all diversity brings innovation, and evidence shows that when women work in tandem with men performance is improved.

The UK Higher Education sector employs over 375,000 people. More than half are professional services staff and over 62% of this number are women.

So why are women so heavily under-represented at the highest levels? At UCL women make up over 50% of professional services staff but only two of the eleven directors of professional services are women.

Astrea is a network for women in professional services roles at UCL, which aims to redress this imbalance. Emma Todd, Co-founder of Astrea explains:

To get women into the top jobs we need to change organisational culture. Having the right policies in place isn’t enough, it’s only part of the picture. If we want to make meaningful and lasting change we have to transform the way women in professional services roles are viewed, by others, and just as importantly, by themselves.”

The network was co-founded by Alice Chilver and Emma Todd, who work in business development and communications roles at The Bartlett, UCL’s faculty of the built environment.

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