Taking Control of Your Career
Research Staff Development Programme

Participants: UCL Researchers

Booking to join the first date of the programme will commit you to attending the entire programme.

Preparation: Completion of an online questionnaire that will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to the start of the programme, which should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Overview: This programme has been designed especially for researchers; the components have been tested and provide a creative and robust approach to career planning. On completion of the programme you will:

  • have built an awareness of yourself and others
  • have gained an understanding of potential careers in and outside of academia and be able to make a realistic assessment of your own future
  • have developed and be prepared to implement a robust action plan in order to make clear decisions on your choice of career
  • develop resilience, building the capability to absorb and respond to the challenges faced by researchers in your current and future roles
  • make clear commitments to pursuing the next steps in your chosen career

There are three elements to the programme:

Two day initial workshop

  • develop your understanding of what motivates you
  • discover some possibilities for future careers
  • form a contract with 'buddy' / co-coach
  • agree an action plan for your field work

Field Work (Independent Careers Research)- 6 week period where you will:

  • investigate possible career paths
  • supported by 'buddy' / co-coach
  • potential to make a first step towards career progression

One day workshop to Review and Plan Forward

  • Review your progress and share experiences
  • Plan the next steps forward
  • Develop strategies for building resilience now and in the future

This programme supports your development in line with the UCL Core Behaviours Framework.

Style: Lively, interesting and challenging - with plenty of opportunity to share experiences with other particpants and the facilitators.

Facilitator: Jeremy Mead - Norfolk Light

Workshop Dates:

Cohort 1 - Fully Booked:

  • Day 1: Wednesday 2nd May
  • Day 2: Thursday 3rd May
  • Follow Up Day: Tuesday 12th June

Cohort 2 - Places Available:

  • Day 1: Tuesday 19th June
  • Day 2: Wednesday 20th June
  • Follow Up Day: Tuesday 24th July

Booking to join the first date of the programme will commit you to attending the entire programme.

How to book: Booking Form

OD Course Contact: Catherine Brown

Cancellation: Please note that there has been a change to the cancellation policy. The course cancellation and no show fee is £100 starting from the 2015/16 academic year. This charge is applicable to Organisational Development Courses and supersedes all other information regarding this policy elsewhere on the UCL website and training booking system. Additional charges may be incurred on some courses. Read more about cancellation >>.