I have been given a Standard Visitor Visa


Please upload the following via your Portico account:

If you applied for your visa in advance: 

  • A copy of your entry clearance vignette with an entry clearance stamp. This will be a sticker on your passport, please see the example. Your ticket will be stamped when you arrive in the UK - you will not be able to upload a copy until you arrive.

If you didn't apply for a visa in advance: 

  • A copy of your entry clearance stamp.

If you entered the UK via the e-gates: 

  • A copy of your boarding pass.

Tip: If your entry clearance vignette isn't stamped on arrival, please provide a copy of your boarding pass. 

Not sure how to upload your visa documents to Portico? 


Examples of entry documents:

Stamped Vignette

uk entry clearance vignette

Entry Clearance Stamp

Black and white image of entry clearance stamp in passport

Boarding Pass

Picture of a boarding pass with details blacked out