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UCL's policies explain our responsibilities to you and outline the regulations that you agree to as a member of our community. Find out more about what you should expect from us and your rights and responsibilities as a student at UCL.

Student Terms and Conditions

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The UCL Student Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you and UCL.

Student Confidentiality Statement

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How UCL manages confidential information

Policies: conduct

Link to conduct policies

Policies and regulations relating to conduct and behaviour, including harassment and bullying and disciplinary procedures.

Policies: health and wellbeing

Link to health and well being policies

Find out more about the UCL policies relating to the health and wellbeing of students on campus.

Policies: academic

Link to academic policies

Find out more about UCL's academic policies, including research integrity, scholarly communication and plagiarism.

Policies: equality and diversity

Link to equality policies

Learn about diversity, inclusion, widening participation and other areas which make the UCL community a great place to study.

Policies: information security

Link to information security policies

Find out how UCL makes sure that information and data is shared, stored and protected appropriately.

Policies: Intellectual property

Link to Intellectual property rights

Information about UCL's aims to promote the recognition and protection of the valuable intellectual property you produce [Login required].

Policy: Trusted Contacts

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This policy outlines UCL’s trusted contact information for students. A trusted contact is like a next of kin. You can update your trusted contact at any time whilst you’re registered at UCL.

Student Protection Plan

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The Student Protection Plan sets out UCL’s approach to the closure of programmes, campuses, or UCL as an institution.