Policies: information security and computing

UCL aims to make sure that all of our computing facilities, programs, data, network and equipment are adequately protected against loss, misuse or abuse.

Information security

Link to information security policy

Information should always be protected appropriately, regardless of the form it takes, or means by which it is shared or stored.

Student privacy notice

Link to data protection policy

This information explains how UCL will store, use, retain and remove your personal data now you are a student.


Link to UCL email policy

This information sets out UCL's policy on the use of email, including use for teaching, research and administration.

Network and computer monitoring

Link to network and computer monitoring policy

This policy explains when UCL may monitor or record communications made using its computer and telecommunication systems.


Link to CCTV policy

This information aims to help you understand your rights and obligations with respect to the use of CCTV systems in UCL.

Freedom of information

Link to freedom of information policy

This policy explains how we manage requests and process information for release to interested parties.