Policies: health and wellbeing

Find out more about the UCL policies relating to the health and wellbeing of students on campus.

Student mental health policy

Link to student mental health policy

This policy supports students who experience persistent emotional or psychological difficulties that affect their ability to participate fully in higher education.

Managing cases of meningitis

Link to managing cases of meningitis

This policy explains the procedure for managing reported outbreaks of meningitis at UCL and what actions will be taken to protect the UCL community. 

Infectious disease control in the student population

Link to infectious disease control

This policy explains the procedure for managing reported outbreaks of infectious diseases at UCL.

Medical evidence: guidance

Link to medical evidence guidance

If you have a disability or medical condition and need extra support or adjustments to your teaching, living or assessments there is a standard format for the evidence you need to provide.

Safeguarding policy for applicants and current students

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This policy covers children and vulnerable adults who are applicants or registered students at UCL and establishes what steps UCL will take to safeguard their welfare.

What to do when a student dies 

Link to policy on student death

If a member of UCL's student body dies there are a number of things that need to happen. This policy outlines those actions and provides advice to anyone involved in such an incident.

Substance use and misuse

Link to policy on substance use and misuse

This policy outlines UCL's position on the handling and use of drugs on UCL premises, including alcohol and 'study drugs'.