Online induction for new students

This page contains information for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students. Postgraduate Researchers can find a list of mandatory training on the UCL Doctoral School website.

Online Inductions for all new students

All new students should aim to complete these online inductions before you arrive at UCL. To access some courses, you will need to have completed pre-enrolment.  

Introductory Programme 

The Introductory Programme explains UCL’s values, community, and achievements. It is interactive and will spark your thinking about what coming to UCL means to you.  You will need to complete pre-enrolment before accessing it. 

Digital Education at UCL 

The Digital Education at UCL course will help you become a successful digital learner. It will: 

  • Ensure you have the tech you need. 
  • Demonstrate how to use our core learning technologies. 
  • Help you find and use academic resources. 
  • Guide you towards help and support. 

You will need to complete pre-enrolment before accessing it. 

Getting started with UCL’s Library Services  

Getting started with UCL’s Library Services is your essential first step to using UCL’s libraries. It includes information on all resources and services available from the library.  

Active Bystander Programme 

In the Active Bystander Programme, you’ll learn definitions of bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct. You need to complete this module before attending a workshop when arrive at UCL. 

Sustainability Induction 

Our Sustainability Induction will teach you what sustainability and climate action means. You’ll learn what UCL is doing to tackle the climate emergency and how to be a sustainable student. 

International Students  

For international students starting in September,  at any study level, we have an International Student Online Orientation Course.  You can complete this in addition to courses above. It will go live at the end of August.  

Masters Career Essentials for Graduate Taught Students 

  • By completing the Masters Career Essentials, you’ll: 
  • Gain an early understanding of the graduate job market and know when to apply. 
  • Explore your options and progress your career thinking. 
  • Get practical tips and advice for making applications as soon as you join us. 
  • Find advice on working in the UK and abroad. 
  • Identify support available to you at UCL ahead of the new academic year. 

To access the course, you need to register on UCL Extend.  

Online Induction for Postgraduate Researchers    

Postgraduate Researchers have different online inductions which overlap with staff mandatory training. A full list of mandatory training can be found on the Doctoral School website