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The UCL Introductory Programme

Welcome! The UCL Introductory Programme is designed to help you learn about the university’s past, present, and future, as well as introduce you to some UCL places and people. You’ll be engaging with new ideas and ways of thinking to help prepare you for your studies.

Start your UCL journey.

How does it work?

The Introductory Programme contains three themes, each containing four “objects” for you to explore and learn about UCL people, places and ideas. The fourth section, Future UCL, is a dynamic space that is designed to feature UCL students and their journey into the future.

Explore the objects in any order and allow your curiosity to be sparked. Complete as much or as little of the programme as you like, at your own pace, and you can return to anything you would like to repeat. Enjoy the activities safe in the knowledge that nothing is assessed. In fact, there are no right or wrong answers for most activities. It’s about thinking critically and coming to your own view.

Use the menu in the top left corner to navigate around the programme, check your progress, or access further resources.

Select your first theme to get started.