How to get to UCL

This page will help you travel to and around London and find your way around UCL Bloomsbury Campus or UCL East.  

Getting to London from abroad  

Find out about your transport options for getting to either the UCL Bloomsbury campus or the UCL East campus from London's main airports and international station.  Read more about travel in London transport if you’re new to London. 

Getting to campus using public transport  

London’s public transport system is easy to use and provides connections to both UCL campuses:  

Travel websites and apps

The Transport for London (TfL) website provides details for getting around London, whether you are taking the Tube, a train, taxis, cycling or walking.  

Google Maps and Citymapper are other useful tools for finding your way around London. Citymapper can also show how much a full price journey will cost.     

Finding your way around UCL  

UCL is a city-based university. Once you're here you can use our interactive, searchable map of UCL buildings, accommodation, departments, libraries, and museums to find your way around.  Download UCL Go to access the UCL maps on your mobile phone.   

Accessible travel  

UCL AccessAble is a tool designed to provide practical information about facilities available and the access routes into our buildings.  

If you need to let other passengers know that you need a seat, you can order a Please offer me a seat or Baby on board badge from TfL.  

Read more about TfL accessibility, assistance and support.