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Welcome to UCL Careers. We're here to help you Find your Future.

Whatever you want to do in the future – whether your career path is clear or not – UCL Careers is here to assist you. Our team of experienced career professionals is dedicated to supporting all current UCL students, researchers (staff and students), and recent graduates to help you find the right path to ensure success in your future career. We’re here to help you Find your Future.

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Explore your options

Think more deeply about the sort of person you are, and what sort of work would suit you best. Take time to explore different roles or further study and the skills required for them. 

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Find opportunities

If you know what you're looking for, here we give information on the best places to find relevant opportunities for jobs, courses, research positions, funding, volunteering and more. 

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Prepare to apply

Whatever you apply for, there's support available for the whole process; from writing applications to completing aptitude tests or preparing for interviews and assessment centres.