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myUCLCareers is an online portal enabling current students, recent graduates and researchers, (staff and students), to engage with many of our services as detailed below.


Check availability of and book one-to-one careers guidance or application/interview coaching appointments. (Please read our 'Get one-to-one advice' page before booking).


View our forthcoming events calendar and manage all of your event bookings with us. (For an overview of the wide range of event types we offer, please read our 'Come to an event' page before logging in).​


Access our jobs board to search for part-time work, internships, placements or graduate-level opportunities from employers or organisations targeting UCL. You can also search our organisations' directory for details of companies who work closely with UCL Careers.

News and updates

Update your profile to receive daily or weekly email alerts about new opportunities and events according to your areas of interest, and sign-up to our Careers Newsletter to stay informed about opportunities, events and features from employers and staff.

Logging in - current students

You will need your standard UCL 'single sign-on' user ID and password to access your account. If you don't know your UCL user ID or are having problems with your password, please visit the UCL ISD website for support.

If your course is due to end / has ended recently, continue to use the 'Student login' option as above. When your student status on PORTICO is updated to show that you have completed your course, you will see a 'permission denied' error which means you'll need to register then log in as a graduate as explained below. However, if you receive this 'permisison denied' error but are currently enrolled as a UCL student, please contact UCL Careers).

myUCLCareers - student login

Logging in - recent graduates

If you can no longer use your UCL ID to log in as a student as detailed above but completed a course at UCL within the past two years* and are no longer studying here, you are still able to log in to your old myUCLCareers account. 

For first time use as a graduate, you should click the 'sign up' button and complete the short registration form. The preferred email address you enter here will be your new username for logging in. (Note: this does not have to be a UCL address).

You will also need to know your student 'UPI' Code which is on the front of your old UCL ID card. (The format is 5 letters and 2 numbers e.g. UCLID38 and it can also be found on your PORTICO profile if you have lost your old ID card).
If can't find this code, please contact us rather than registering online as this will speed up the process of setting up graduate access to your account.

Once your account is set up, if you've forgotten your password, you can reset it any time using the email address you registered with. If you can't remember which email address you used, please contact us.

*For more information on careers support for graduates, please see our eligibility information.

myUCLCareers - alumni registration

Research staff

If you are employed by UCL as a member of research staff, (including postdoctoral research staff/research assistants etc.), you will need to register your details with us to set up access to a myUCLCareers account.

Select the Research Staff button and you will have two options:

  1. For first time use, you will need to select the 'Register' option. All UCL staff have a UCL user ID and password issued by ISD as detailed on their website. When prompted to create a username for your myUCLCareers account, you MUST use your email address in the format: 'userid@ucl.ac.uk' and then complete the other details on the registration form.
  2. Once you have received the email notification that your registration has been approved, click the 'Log in' button and use your standard UCL user ID and password to log in to your account.  

    myUCLCareers - registration


Other staff (departmental administrators and careers liaison / personal tutors)

If your role at UCL involves promoting specific services provided by UCL Careers to your students, and you feel it would be useful to be able to view things like our events calendar or jobs board or to be able to monitor the day to day appointment availability that your students have access to, you can request 'read only' access to myUCLCareers.

Simply email careers@ucl.ac.uk with your job title, UCL user-id and details of the type / groups of students, (level / discipline etc.), you work with and in what capacity and we will then email you when your account is ready to log in to via the 'Departmental Staff' button.

myUCLCareers - staff login