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To access the services/resources highlighted here and throughout the UCL Careers website, you will need to use your personal 'myUCLCareers' account. Logging in guidelines/support can be found below.


All one-to-one appointment bookings with our team, (careers guidance or application / interview coaching), are managed through your myUCLCareers account. Please read our 'Get one-to-one advice' information before logging in to book.


All upcoming careers events that you can book onto can be viewed on your myUCLCareers events calendar. To make the most of our events programme, please read our 'Come to an event' page before logging in to book.​

Resources and job opportunities

Access a wide range of help sheets, alumni case studies and job sector information to help inform your career planning and / or search part-time jobs, internships, research posts and graduate-level opportunities from recruiters targeting UCL. Please read our 'Career Discovery' and 'Jobs board' information for more details.

News and updates

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Logging in - current students

You will have myUCLCareers access from the first day of your course at UCL as shown on your enrolment record, (usually the first day of the autumn term), and will just use your UCL 'single sign-on' user ID and password (issued by ISD) to log in to myUCLCareers until your course / programme finishes.

If your UCL user ID / password is working for other student systems, (Moodle etc.), but you receive a 'permission denied' or 'we're having trouble signing you in' error message when trying to log in as a student, please contact UCL Careers via askUCL for support with this.

After your course finishes, your UCL single sign-on access to myUCLCareers through the 'Student sign in' button will stop working immediately, and you will receive an error message if you enter your details to try to log in this way. You will however still have access to myUCLCareers for up to three more years as a recent graduate but, will need to log in in a different way as outlined below.

myUCLCareers - student login

Logging in - recent UCL graduates

All UCL graduates will have continued access to myUCLCareers for up to three years** after you complete your course. When your old UCL user ID / password stops working for the student log in option as detailed above, you can use any email address and a personal password, (not linked with your old UCL user ID), to continue logging in to myUCLCareers.

For first time access as a graduate, your default login will be the email address that was linked with your myUCLCareers account when you were a student. This is usually your old UCL email 'alias'* - an email address assigned to you when you joined UCL as detailed in the 'Connect to email' guidelines which is usually in the format: name.surname.yy@ucl.ac.uk where 'yy' is the year you joined UCL. (This will still work and is linked to your UCL alumni 'email for life' address).

To set up a new password linked with this UCL email address, simply click the 'Alumni sign in' button and the 'Forgotten your password?' link and enter your email address in the format shown above and you will immediately receive an automated email* with a secure link and instructions on how to do this so that you can log straight in. Once logged in, if you would prefer to link your myUCLCareers account to a different email address for logging in and receiving emails, you can do this easily by updating your profile settings.

Alternatively, if you no longer use your UCL email and can't use that to receive the password reset instructions as above, you can register any email address for your myUCLCareers account without logging in by completing this short registration form, (ensuring that you include your old Student Number, 'SN', or UCL user ID), so that our team can update your myUCLCareers account to link with this new email address and send the secure link for creating a new password there instead.

*Note: If you weren't assigned an email alias, you can try your address in the format, 'ucluserid@ucl.ac.uk' instead. Also, if you used myUCLCareers as a student and had already changed the email on your myUCLCareers profile to a non-UCL address, you will need to use that when requesting a new password / logging in. Important: If you're not sure which email address is linked with your myUCLCareers profile for logging in as a graduate or you do not receive a password reset email having requested it as above, (remember to check junk / trash folders first), please contact the UCL Careers team for support.

**For more information on careers support for graduates who left UCL more than three years ago, please see our alternative sources of support information.

myUCLCareers - alumni registration

Logging in - research staff

If you are employed by UCL as a member of research staff, (including postdoctoral research staff/research assistants etc.), you will need to register your details with us to set up access to a myUCLCareers account.

Select the Research Staff button and you will have two options:

  1. For first time use, you will need to select the 'Register' option. All UCL staff have a UCL user ID and password issued by ISD as detailed on their website. When prompted to create a username for your myUCLCareers account, you MUST use your email address in the format: 'userid@ ucl.ac.uk' and then complete the other details on the registration form.
  2. Once you have received the email notification that your registration has been approved, click the 'Log in' button and use your standard UCL user ID and password to log in to your account.  
  3. If you are experiencing any issues or have further questions about making best use of our services, please email our Researchers Team.

    myUCLCareers - registration


Other staff (departmental administrators and careers liaison / personal tutors)

If your role at UCL involves promoting specific services provided by UCL Careers to your students, and you feel it would be useful to be able to view things like our events calendar or jobs board or to be able to monitor the day to day appointment availability that your students have access to, you can request 'read only' access to myUCLCareers.

Simply email careers.info-team@ucl.ac.uk with your job title, UCL user-id and details of the type / groups of students, (level / discipline etc.), you work with and in what capacity and we will then email you when your account is ready to log in to via the 'Departmental Staff' button.

(Note: UCL staff members, (non-academic/professional services), seeking careers support for themselves will not be able to book anything through myUCLCareers but, our website highlights alternative sources of support).

myUCLCareers - staff login