UCL Careers


Who can use our services

UCL Careers is dedicated to providing support for all current UCL students, researchers, (staff and students), and to recent UCL graduates.


To access any services offered by UCL Careers, you will need UCL ID to prove you're eligible to use them.

  • Current students must provide a valid UCL student ID card. If you have lost this, please get a replacement card from UCL Security Services
  • Researchers (staff and students), have access to all services plus a bespoke programme of activities and must provide a valid UCL student or staff ID card to access these
  • UCL graduates have continued access to our services for up to two years after completing a course at UCL, (based on the course end date shown in PORTICO). Your old student ID card will be accepted during this period*

UCL departmental staff* members who work closely with students on areas linked with employability will have a dedicated contact within UCL Careers who can help support your activities and ensure your students make the most out of the careers support available at UCL - please email us in the first instance so we can pass on your details to the relevant team member.

Recruiters or other organisations targeting the groups above should visit our recruiter pages for more information on how we can support your needs.

(*Note: Other UCL staff members, (non-academic/professional services), may have access to some careers support services provided by UCL Careers where appropriate / available but won't be able to book these online. Please contact us for information on what we can offer).

Alternative support

If you are looking for careers support but are not eligible to use UCL Careers, information on alternative services is available.

We also provide bespoke information for prospective UCL students.

UCL Careers Extra

UCL Careers Extra is a programme of additional activities and support for UK undergraduate students from the following groups who are currently studying at UCL:

  • Neither parent went to university and you went to a UK state school
  • Care leaver
  • Carer
  • Disabled
  • Household income below £25,000 (as declared to Student Finance England)
  • Black African, Black Caribbean or mixed Black African/White or Black Caribbean/White

Students signed up to UCL Careers Extra are automatically added to a circulation list for targeted employer events and programmes.  They can also apply for bursaries to help cover the cost of undertaking internships and can access preferential booking for some UCL Careers events, longer careers appointments (with easier booking) and extra careers events that are exclusive to UCL Careers Extra students.

*Alternative forms of ID

If you've left UCL and no longer have your old student ID, you will need some alternative proof of having studied at UCL within the last two years.

This will need to include details of the course you were on and the year that you completed it plus your old UPI ID code, (in the format of five letters and two numbers - e.g. UCLID38).

A copy of the PORTICO transcript that you received on completing your course will have this or you could request a formal letter from your old department with this information.

UCL alumni benefits card

This card does not confirm your course completion date so cannot be used to access any services offered by UCL Careers.