UCL Careers


Prospective Students

UCL Careers provides support for current UCL students and recent graduates but we are unable to provide pre-entry support for those considering applying to UCL.

If you do successfully apply to UCL, from the official start date of your course*, once you are fully enrolled, you will have full access to the wide range of services we offer as detailed on our UCL Careers website.

In the meantime, you may find your school, college or other current educational institution has support available on university options. If not, the resources / contacts listed below should provide a more suitable starting point for exploring your options for studying at university and the career paths beyond.

Course / subject area careers information

To get a general idea of the potential career paths that might lead on from studying a specific degree discipline, the Applying for university information provided by Prospects is a great starting point.

In addition to their advice on getting into university and university life in general, through their course choice section, you'll find a wide range of subject specific guides on 'What can I do with my degree?'

Through this comprehensive series, they compile career destinations data from universities across the country to produce information on:

  • job areas directly related to your choice of degree
  • jobs where your degree would be useful
  • listings of typical employers that a graduate from your degree might work for
  • information on the skill set your likely to build (for your CV)
  • statistics on numbers of graduates in work or further study
  • statistics on types of work entered in the UK
  • plus case studies of real graduates

    For many subject areas, more in-depth information is available in their pdf publication: What do graduates do?

    If you already have a career path in mind and want to know what degree disciplines would be most useful, the relevant Prospects Job Profile or Sector Overview will be a good starting point as they provide information on qualification and other entry requirements, (desirable and essential), and also suggest relevant vacancy sources so you can research current opportunities to see how relevant different qualifications might be.

    UCAS also provide useful tips and advice for those considering studying at undergraduate level to get an idea of the types of subjects you could study, and the different industries that graduates go on to work in based on their subject area.

    More general information on the Graduate Labour Market and employment trends for graduates is published by the UK Government and HECSU, (the Higher Education Careers Services Unit).

    Employment destinations data

    The Discover Uni website provides information about full or part time undergraduate courses across all universities and is aimed at prospective students.

    You can search for specific courses to compare these at different universities as the listings provide data on a range of different areas including an 'Earnings / Employment after the course' section which covers:

    • Average salaries for graduates following the course
    • Percentages for those who go on to work and / or study
    • Percentages for those in professional level ('highly skilled') employment
    • Common sectors that graduates are working in

    The UCL Careers website also provides more detailed data on graduate destinations for the different courses offered by UCL at all levels. 

    Information from UCL departments

    All information relating specifically to a particular course at UCL will be provided by the relevant department. Additionally though, many UCL departments will provide information about alumni, links with professional associations and typical career paths in the information they provide for prospective students.

    You can find this by specific degree programme or by subject area using the UCL Prospectus.

    If your queries can't be answered by the online information, all departments will provide contact details for their Admissions Tutors on their prospectus pages.

    Alternatively, you can get the contact number for a specific Departmental Admissions Tutor via the UCL Switchboard: 020 7679 2000.

    Life at UCL

    For more general information on what it's like to study at UCL, the UCL Prospectus is the best place to start for information.

    You can also "Meet UCL" through open days, tours and other events or via a virtual tour to find out more about the college and support services for students.