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Autumn researcher employer events

Looking forward to the next few months, we’ve got a great series of virtual employer events coming up. If you want to develop your skills in leadership or networking or learn more about researcher careers in different fields, you’ve come to the right place!

Attending an employer-led event lets you hear directly from companies that hire researchers and connect with other PhD grads who have moved out of academia. Employer-led events are hosted alongside a full programme of career consultant workshops. Click the event links below to sign up and for more information!

Guest Feature: Moving into Medical Writing

Throughout the academic year, we take a deep dive into some key topics and career paths discussed in our events programme. In these posts, we explore what careers in a variety of different industries look like for a researcher, find out about the roles their organisation has to offer and get some key tips on applying. In this summer’s bonus blog series, we’re following up with some of the speakers from our Researchers Professional Careers Beyond Academia Conference.

Key takeaways from UCL’s Researchers Professional Careers Beyond Academia Conference

This year’s Researchers Professional Careers Beyond Academia Conference took place over three days earlier this month, with a specific focus on Life and Health Sciences. We heard from a variety of great speakers, both PhD holders and employers, who shared their experiences, knowledge, and tips on moving into industry from academia. So, what did we learn from each session?

Top Tips from our Interviews Q&A with Capco and AstraZeneca

This week, UCL Careers was joined by two interview experts from industry. Alison Darke is the Postdoc Talent Partner at AstraZeneca, and Nadir Basma completed his PhD at UCL and is now a Senior Consultant at Capco. They shared their experiences interviewing researchers along with top tips for submitting a strong application, preparing for an interview, and asking the right questions along the way.