Early Modern Exchanges


Research Students

There are a range of PhD students undertaking studies relating to the Early Modern period.

The Early Modern Studies PhD programme adopts a distinctively interdisciplinary approach, alongside a thorough grounding in research skills and is underpinned by the unparalleled resources available to students on our doorstep in Bloomsbury. Other PhD programmes also relate to the Early Modern period though. The below list includes students from a variety of different programmes. 

Waseem Ahmed (2021-25)

Our Blessed Republic: Everyday Politics in Revolutionary England, 1649-1660, Supervisor: Prof Jason Peacey; Dr E Legon

Shiran Avni (2015-22)

Ambiguity and Meaning: The Hebraism of John Donne (1574-1631), Supervisors: Prof Alison Shell; Prof Willem Smelik

Rana Banna  (2016-24)

Word-Magic: Early Modern Linguistic Sign Theory in Shakespeare’s Late Plays, Supervisors: Dr Eric Langley; Dr Rachel Holmes

Shani Bans (2015-23)

Optics in Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Supervisors: Dr Eric LangleyDr Chris Stamatakis

Sam Brown (2020-27)

‘It is a difficult thing which I undertake’: The acquisition and transmission of Arabic linguistic knowledge in early modern England, 1569-1635, Supervisors:Dr Robyn Adams (UCL); Dr Matthew Symonds (UCL)

Siobhan Cooke (2017-23)

Folk mythology and traditional oral folklore, Supervisors: Prof Alison Shell; Dr Matthew Symonds

Ethan Darden (2018-22)

On legendary swords in history and literature: an in-depth examination of Curtana, Durendal and Joyeuse, Supervisor(s): Dr Alexander SamsonDr Thibaut Maus de Rolley

Rosamund Eileen Fitzmaurice (2019-24)

Precolumbian Mesoamerican Dependency and “Slavery” in Post Classic Aztec and Maya Cultures, Supervisors: Dr Alexander SamsonProf Elizabeth GrahamDr Elizabeth Baquedano

Thomas Fleming (2019-26)

Religious Bodies: Refiguring Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in the Early/Modern, Supervisors: Jason Peacey

Glasgow Hardie (2020-24)

Uncertain Bodies: The Transient Nature of Colour in Early Modern Italy, Supervisors: Prof Rose Marie San Juan; Dr Natasha Eaton

Tim Hasker (2020-27)

'The Puritan Party: godly communities in Northamptonshire 1625 – 1689’, Supervisors: Jason Peacey

Jack Hayes (2018-23)

Franco-Italian Literary Sociability and Early Modern Rome (1539-1563), Supervisors: Dr Lisa Sampson; Dr Emily Butterworth, KCL

Daen Palma Huse (2022-25)

Transient Visuals: Hand-Held Ephemera in Nineteenth-Century Peru, Supervisors; Dr Emily Floyd; Dr Nicholas Robbins

Shahid Hussain

Networks and Patronage: British Ambassadors to Muscovy in the 17th Century , Supervisors; Dr Sergei Bogatyrev and Professor Jason Peacey

Bethany Kidd (2020-24)

Resourcing the New Science, 1660-1760. Supervisors: Dr Simon Werrett; Keith Moore (Royal Society)

Kate Kinley (2019-23)

‘Place’ and ‘space’ in seventeenth century drama, Supervisors: Prof Helen Hackett; Dr Eric Langley

Elinora Lane (2019-23)

The Use of Emblems by Women in Sixteenth-Century Italy, Supervisor(s): Dr Lisa Sampson (principal); Dr Rembrandt Duits, Warburg

Stephen Mallet (2019-26)

‘The business of smuggling across the English Channel in the Eighteenth Century: Anglo-French comparisons‘., Supervisor(s): Julian Hoppit

Francesca Masiero (2017-22)

Literacy and Learning in Latin and Vernacular Schools in Verona (1405-1509), Supervisor(s): Prof. Dilwyn KnoxDr Lisa Sampson

Fraser McIlwraith (2019-23)

Ludic Rhetoric: Serious Play in Tudor England’, Supervisors: Dr Chris StamatakisDr Anthony Ossa-Richardson

Josh Mcloughlin (2020-24)

"vnpossible" history in early modern England, Supervisor(s): Dr Alexander Samson; Professor Lucy Munro (KCL)

Kate Owen (2020-24)

The Heterogeneous Nature of Early Modern Manuscript Recipe Book Functions [c. 1500 - 1800], Supervisors: Dr Matthew SymondsDr Robyn Adams

Domenico Pino (2020-24)

Printmaking in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1734–1799), Supervisors: Dr Richard Taws and Prof Rose Marie San Juan

Victoria Rasbridge (2019-23)

Intersecting Identities: Representing Queenship in the Golden Age comedia, Supervisor(s): Dr Alexander SamsonDr Lisa Samson

Max Riviera (2019-23)

Early Modern Epyllion, Supervisors: Dr Eric LangleyDr Chris Stamatakis

Anna Schiffer (2019-26)

Sir Philip Sidney’s European Tour (1572-75); its influence on his An Apology for Poetry and on later English poetry, Supervisor(s): Prof Edward ChaneyDr Alexander Samson

Skye Shirley (2020-24)

Four Collections of Latin Poetry by Women From the 17th Century, Supervisor(s): Dr Victoria Moul, Prof Gesine Manuwald

Petra Sikic (2020-24)

Gesture and the Body in Early Modern Italy, Supervisor(s): Prof Rose Marie San Juan

Simon Smets (2019-26)

Authorship and Narrative Design in Renaissance Latin Letter Collections 1470-1520, Supervisor(s): Prof Gesine Manuwald and Prof Dilwyn Knox

Caroline Streek (2019-26)

Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach and the political influence within her female household 1714-1737, Supervisor: Professor Stephen Conway

Melita Thomas (2020-24)

The Power of Networks and the Networks of Power: The Social and Political networks of Mary I, Supervisor: Dr Alexander Samson and Dr Matthew Symonds

Kevin Tuffnell (2015-23)

"A Just and Honourable Peace"': the negotiation of the Treaty of Utrecht in British Politics and Political Discourse, 1708 to 1713, Supervisor: Jason Peacey

James Waddell (2019-23)

Early Modern anxieties about distraction and shortened attention spans, Supervisors: Prof Helen HackettDr Eric Langley

Jacob Wiseman (2019-23)

Intersections between biblical and literary cultures in early modern England, Supervisors: Prof Alison Shell; Dr Linda Freedman

Jill Woodberry (2019-23)

Imitation of Horace in England, 1620-1660: the moralising tradition, Supervisors: Dr Victoria Moul, Prof Gesine Manuwald, Dr Chris Stamatakis