Thomas Fleming

Thomas’ research interests lie at the intersection of cultural, religious, and queer(ing) history in the early modern period. For their PhD project, they are undertaking a queer reading of eighteenth-century devotional material, within the context of London. Thomas is interested in how bodies are constructed and culturally inscribed in this discourse, arguing that these seemingly normative gendered and sexed subjects (including Christ, for instance) can, in fact, be read as queer. In doing so, they hope to problematise histories of the body that present a universal (and heteronormative) model of its cultural inscription. Indeed, these textual subjects, they argue, seem to fail to conform to dominant models of sexual difference and gender, questioning their supposed naturalness, so causing them to lapse and lose their sure footing.


Supervisor: Jason Peacey
Working title: 'Queering Christ in the Early/Modern'