Early Modern Exchanges



We have a variety of ongoing research projects, as well as a lively seminar series and other events, and various visiting researchers throughout the year.

Alchemist by Jan Matejko, early modern research


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Our network, Baroque Latinity, aims to engage with the current revival of Baroque studies by addressing Baroque both as a literary style, one that distorted the norms based on the Greeks and Romans that had been systematized in the Renaissance, and as an artistic period, a complex stage in the development of post-Renaissance classicism. 

Book Owners Online (BOO) is a directory of historical book owners, with information about their libraries, and signposts to further reference sources. It covers English seventeenth-century owners – people who died between 1610 and 1715 – with the potential to be expanded.

Funded by the Centre for Critical Heritage, this symposium interrogated the forms, state and meanings of academy archives from multi-disciplinary perspectives, in relation to broader issues of cultural heritage relating to early modern Italy.

Exploring historical reading practices through the lens of manuscript annotations preserved in early printed books. 

  • The Black Legend and Spanish Identity in Golden Age Theatre 1580 - 1665 (January 2013 - December 2016)

The Centre was one of five institutions alongside the Universities of Amsterdam, Basel, Munster and Pamplona participating in a project on the ways that Spain responded to the leyenda negra after 1580. It was funded by Holland's NWO under their Internationalization of the Humanities scheme and will run from . For further details contact Alexander Samson.

Three members of the Centre (Isabelle Moreau, Thibaut Maus de Rolley and Alexander Samson) participated in this project funded by the British Academy, which sought to examine the transnational exchanges that drove forward the development of new forms of prose fiction. See the blog for more details.

AHRC-funded project with the British Library and Royal Holloway. See the British Library database.