Department of Greek & Latin


Graduate Students

Here's a current list of our PhD students and their research topics

Religion and politics in Achaemenid-Greek relations

Alice Bolland

The modern reception of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia

The outrageous violence of Seneca’s letters and tragedies.

Vasileios Boutsis

Iphigeneia in Aulis

Roman power in Hollywood film

Studies in the language of Menander

Baihui Cheng

Studies in Greek nominal compounding

Raffaella Colombo

Liminary poems in Latin presentation manuscripts 1550-1650.

Chiara D’Agostino

Literary (Homeric) and documentary texts from Oxyrhynchus (related to educational practice)

Pietro Gaetano’s Oratio de origine et dignitate musices

Biagio Gatto

The Syntax of Priscian in the cultural context of fifth-century Constantinople

Pythagoreanism and early Greek Philosophy

Henry Linscott

The oral origins of Greek Law

Patricia Lobanow Rostovsky

Cicero and the Scottish enlightenment.

Annette Mitchell

Freud's ancient chronology

An edition of selected literary and documentary papyri

Melissa Pires Da Silva

The significance of family in the Homeric and Virgilian epics and their modern literary reception

Tomaž Potočnik

The development of modalisation paths in Latin.

The Presocratics and early Greek conceptions of the self

Ben Temblett

Deleuze and Platonism

The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature of the Twenty-First Century

Early Greek and Hittite legal language (co-supervision with SOAS)

The influence of classical letter collections on fifteenth century letter collections.

The Eclogues of Giles Fletcher the elder from the 1560s to the 1650s.

Dionysus and regeneration in ancient literature

Euripides' narrative technique

Jill Woodberry

Reception of Horace in England 1630-70 (in English and Neo-Latin).

Food, divinity and mortality in early Greek literature