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Description of terms 

There are different names for the types of qualification you can achieve at university, depending on the subject area and the degree which means the level of study.  

When you first begin university you are called an ‘undergraduate’ studying a Bachelor’s degree. After this, you become a ‘postgraduate’ and move onto studying a Master’s degree. Once you have finished this you can study a PhD and become a doctor of your subject! 

The Arts

Kate Bright

Painting, Film-making, Ceramics

Graham Gussin


Sara Wingate Gray

Literature, Performing Arts, Libraries

Rolake Osabia

English Literature, Black Studies, Visual Arts

Professor Graham Welch

Music Education, Music Psychology


Sam Wilkinson

Art, Curating, Built Environment

Dr Ross Purves

Music technology and education 






Getting into University

David Harrison

University admissions tests, Medicine

Ben Lund-Conlon

Applying for university

Saam Das

Access and admissions

Martin White

Pre-degree courses for international students




Adriana Albuquerque


Rebecca Baker

Medical Imaging

Linzy Elton


Marcus Richards

Epidemiology, Dementia, Mental Health

Zahra Sadouki



Alisia Carnemolla

Project management in medical research

Floriaan Schmidt

Population health, machine learning and human genetics



Humanities and Social Sciences

Karen Schucan Bird

Social Sciences

Michael Berkowitz

Modern Jewish History, the Holocaust

Joe Cain

Philosophy & Science and British History

Parama Chaudhury


Andrew Gregory

History and Philosophy of Science

Michael Stewart

Documentary Film and Social Anthropology


Lee Grieveson

Media & History

François Guesnet

History, Social Sciences

Mie Astrup Jensen

Gender and Sexuality, Sociology, Jewish and Hebrew Studies

Cadence Kinsey

History of Art

Effrosyni Konstantinou

Organisation Studies, Sociology, Philosophy

Jagjeet Lally

History of South Asia

Antony Makrinos

Classics - Greeks and Romans

Emily Morris

Economic Development 

Dr Tim Button

Philosophy: Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language

Sasha Stern

Jewish Studies, Ancient History, History of Science

Dr Robert Simpson

Free Speech, Ethical and Political Issues







Gesine Manuwald

Classics, Latin Languages and Literature

Marta Niccolai

Italian, Literature, Theatre

Mariam Aboelezz

Translation Studies, Linguistics

Joana Rita Ramalho

Portuguese, Film, Comparative Literature

Bencie Woll

Linguistics, Cognitive neuroscience



Dr Alan Brener

Law, Economics, Finance







Tannis Davidson

Zoology, Palaeontology, Museum Studies, Heritage

Dr Anna Garnett

Archaeology and Museum Practice

Christina McGregor

Museum Collections

Dr Marquard Smith

Curation, Exhibitions, Archives, and Arts Education

Lucy Waitt

Museum Collections

Sara Mittica

Museums Collections, Exhibitions


Maths and Sciences

Abbie Chapman

Conservation, Geography, Oceanography, and Ecology

Mark Fuller

Astrophysics, Astronomy & Engineering

Charlie Outhwaite

Conservation, Biodiversity Change

David Wilson

Geochemistry, climate change, seas and oceans

Luciano Rila

Information security, Maths Careers, and Image Processing

Catherine Regan

Atmospheric Science, Environmental Science

Mat Disney

 Environmental Science, Geography, Remote Sensing

Lidunka Vočadlo

Deep Earth and Terrestrial Planetary Cores

Ilan Kelman

Disasters, climate change, international development, humanitarianism

Simon Hoyte

Conservation and Anthropology





Nicolas Gold

Software Engineering & Music Computing

Nick Tyler

Civil/Transport Engineering

Alicia Pivaro

Architecture, Urban Studies, Urban Design

Mark Smout

Architecture and the Environment

Duncan Wilson

Engineering, Computer Science

Rebecca Wilson

Technology in Education

Valerio Modungo

Robot Perception and Learning

Dr Irina Lazar

Engineering for social change

Professor Emanuela Tilley

Mechanical and Civil Structural Engineering, Curriculum Design