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Spyridon Varlas

NB: This expert has changed roles and is not available to answer questions any more.


Research Fellow

Department of Chemistry


Expertise: Polymer Chemistry, Biomaterials Engineering, Nanomedicine, Soft Matter.

I use bio-friendly polymers to make nano-sized particles loaded with drugs or proteins that I then use to study processes that occur naturally inside cells or to fight deadly diseases. 

Spyridon Varlas

More about Spyridon:

I come from Greece and I am a Polymer Chemist with a PhD from the University of Birmingham. Currently, I work as a Research Fellow at UCL’s Department of Chemistry. My research is focused on the synthesis of very large molecules, called polymers, made up of many smaller ones layered together in a repeating pattern and their use for the preparation of microscopic particles that are able to deliver drugs or proteins specifically to cancer cells or viruses for effective treatment.

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