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Honorary Associates are nominated to these positions due to their collaborative links with Institute staff and their participation in Institute research and teaching activities.

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Profiles for current honoraries are listed below.  If you would like to contact an Honorary Associate who does not have an email address listed please contact Gail Hammond in the first instance.

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  • Elizabeth Baquedano Honorary Associate Professor
  • Paul Basu Honorary Visiting Professor
  • Justine Bayley Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Carol Bell Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Silvia Bello Honorary Lecturer
  • Anne Best Honorary Research Fellow
  • Heather Bonney Honorary Lecturer
  • Dirk Booms Honorary Research Fellow
  • Michael Brass Honorary Research Fellow


  • William Carruthers Honorary Lecturer
  • Moheddine Chaouali Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • John Clark Honorary Associate Professor
  • Helen Clarke Honorary Associate Professor
  • Garrard Cole Honorary Research Fellow
  • Sue Colledge Honorary Associate Professor
  • Jago Cooper Honorary Associate Professor
  • Mike Corbishley Honorary Associate Professor


  • Diane Davies Honorary Research Fellow
  • Glynn Davis Honorary Research Assistant


  • Okasha El Daly Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Julio Escalona Honorary Senior Research Fellow


  • Shahina Farid Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Elizabeth Fentress Honorary Visiting Professor
  • Jesus Fernandez Fernandez Honorary Research Fellow
  • Stephen Foulger Honorary Lecturer
  • David Francis Honorary Lecturer


  • John Giblin Honorary Lecturer
  • Richard Glassborow Honorary Lecturer
  • Margarita Gleba Honorary Associate Professor
  • Karen Godden Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Wolfgram Grajetzki Honorary Research Fellow
  • Caroline Grigson Honorary Professor
  • Sonja Grimm Honorary Research Fellow


  • Rob Ixer Honorary Research Fellow



  • Thomas Kiely Honorary Lecturer
  • Nadia Knudsen Honorary Research Assistant


  • Jim Lankton Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Pip Laurenson Honorary Lecturer
  • Amanda Leon Honorary Research Assistant
  • Xiuzhen Janice Li Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Hassan Limane Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Yixian Lin Honorary Research Fellow



  • Fatima Nammari Honorary Research Fellow
  • Mark Nesbitt Honorary Associate Professor
  • Efthymia Nikita Honorary Research Fellow
  • Taryn Nixon Honorary Lecturer


  • Marina Papa-Sokal Honorary Lecturer
  • Ruth Pelling Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • David Pendergast Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Elisa Perego Honorary Research Fellow
  • Janet Picton Honorary Lecturer
  • Adrian Popescu Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Ivor Pridden Honorary Research Assistant
  • Gabriele Puschnigg Honorary Research Fellow


  • Giulia Recchia Honorary Research Fellow
  • Trinidad Rico Honorary Associate Professor
  • Cordelia Rogerson Honorary Lecturer


  • Martin Schmidt Honorary Lecturer
  • Beccy Scott Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Christopher Scull Honorary Visiting Professor
  • Michael Seager Thomas Honorary Research Fellow
  • Margaret Serpico Honorary Research Fellow
  • Andrew Shaw Honorary Research Fellow
  • Jane Sidell Honorary Lecturer
  • Scott Simmons Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Rebecca Stacey Honorary Associate Professor
  • Chris Stevens Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Christopher Stringer Honorary Visiting Professor
  • Tracey Sweek Honorary Lecturer


  • Zahed Tajeddin Honorary Research Fellow
  • Isobel Thompson Honorary Lecturer
  • Amara Thornton Honorary Research Fellow
  • Jennifer Tripp Honorary Research Fellow