Institute of Archaeology


Martin Schmidt - Honorary Lecturer


Name: Martin Schmidt

Honorary Title: Honorary Lecturer

Email: Martin.Schmidt@Landesmuseum-Hannover.de

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

Ulrike Sommer u.sommer@ucl.ac.uk 


IoA involvement:

Martin has 35 years experience working in museums (open air and indoor) and is the initiator and Co-founder of www.EXARC.net. He is Deputy Director and Head of Collection services at the Lower Saxon State Museum, Hanover. His research interests include: Museums, Experimental Archaeology, Wooden Buildings, and the History of Research.

Martin lectures on the following modules: ARCL0091 Public Archaeology; ARCL2041 Using Organic Materials in Prehistory; ARCL0211 Approaches to Artefact Studies and other lectures on Archaeological Open Air museums and Recontruction. Martin also supports PhD students, and offers technical support for Ulrike Sommer’s excavation in Tasnad, Romania.


Selected Publications


  • Experiment in Archaeology. In: Lopez-Varela, S. L. (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences (Hoboken 2019).
  • with U. Sommer: Neoliberalism and Archaeology in Germany. In: Resco, P.A. (ed.) Archaeology & Neoliberalism (Madrid 2016, 327-339).
  • Archaeology and the German Public In: H. Härke (ed.) Archaeology, Ideology and Society. The German experience (Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2002, 244-274). Gesellschaften und Staaten im Epochenwandel, Bd. 7.ARC
  • Reconstruction as Ideology. In: Ph. Planel and P. Stone (eds.) The Constructed Past. Experimental Archaeology, Education and the Public (London/New York 1999, 146-156). One World Archaeological Series.
  • Are dull reconstructions more scientific? In: Les sites de reconstitutions archéologiques. Actes du colloque d ́Aubechies 2-5 Sept. 1993 (Aubechies 1995, 17-21).