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Research at the UCL Institute of Archaeology covers fieldwork, laboratory analysis and conservation, artefact studies, and theoretical, synthetic, and analytical work across a range of perspectives.

Archaeological Sciences

Archaeological Science research

The Institute of Archaeology has a long-standing position as a world-leading centre for cutting-edge research in Environmental Archaeology and Archaeological Material Science.

A hallmark of the Institute's approach is the application of natural science methods to anthropological and archaeological enquiry, resulting in a holistic and socially relevant understanding of the interaction of past people with their environments and material culture.

Heritage Studies

Heritage Studies (conservation)

The Institute of Archaeology is renowned as one of the world's leading centres of expertise for research and teaching in the fields of Museum Studies, Conservation, Cultural Heritage Studies, and Public Archaeology.

This is a strongly interdisciplinary area of study and the section brings together scholars from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, including anthropology, archaeology, conservation, curatorship, heritage management, museum education, and material culture studies.

World Archaeology

World Archaeology research

The Institute of Archaeology is home to unparalleled global expertise. World-class scholars engage in research and outreach activity that seeks to address fundamental issues relating to the development of human societies.

Archaeology is uniquely placed to investigate human behaviour in long-term perspective in its many guises, situations, periods and places, and the Institute is at the forefront of the contemporary development of the discipline.

Research Directory

Research at Merv

The Institute of Archaeology is a world-class institution with a thriving research environment, unique in the scale and diversity of its research and the global scope of its expertise and collaborative links.

The Institute has more than 60 research active staff, projects on five continents and in the Pacific, and wins regular and substantial research funding from a wide range of national and international sources.


Bookcover of Alice Stevenson’s Scattered Finds: Archaeology, Egyptology and Museums (UCL Press)

The Institute of Archaeology Bookshelf highlights forthcoming and recently authored and edited volumes by members of the Institute community. 

Full details of of staff publications are available on staff profile webpages and UCL Discovery. Details of other Institute of Archaeology associated publications are available here.


Research ethics

The Institute of Archaeology takes research ethics very seriously and provides information to staff and students to ensure their research is designed and conducted in an ethical way and compliant with existing Institute and UCL policy as well as UK law and international law, where relevant.

Covid-19 initiatives

Image contribution to the Viral Archive project

The Institute of Archaeology is contributing to Covid-19 related research initiatives, collaborating with colleagues across UCL and beyond. Archaeology as a discipline provides strong historical and comparative perspectives on demography, pathology and zoonoses, especially as associated with the process of adoption of sedentary lifeways.