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About Us

From the Institute's origins, founded in 1937 as a centre for archaeological training, to the Institute today, one of the largest and highly regarded centres for archaeology and heritage studies.

The Institute of Archaeology forms part of the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences. Administratively we are organised into three Sections - Archaeological Sciences, Heritage Studies, and World Archaeology, with academic, research and technical staff being allocated to the most relevant Section to their interests.

The Institute aims to provide archaeological opportunities of the highest quality to all, regardless of background, focusing on the importance of the past in the present and for the future.

The Institute of Archaeology's mission is:

  • to be internationally pre-eminent in the study, and comparative analysis, of world archaeology
  • to enhance our national and international reputation for the quality and breadth of our multi-disciplinary and thematic approach to the study of the human past
  • to promote best practice in the management of cultural heritage and in the study, care and preservation of archaeological artefacts
  • to promote awareness of the problems caused by illicit trade in antiquities and the destruction of archaeological heritage that it entails
  • to ensure that the social, political and economic contexts of the practice of archaeology are taught and appreciated
  • to be at the forefront of international research in archaeological sciences
  • to play a major role in furthering the understanding of London's archaeological and historical past
  • to provide archaeological opportunities of the highest quality to all, regardless of background
Archaeological Sciences at the UCL Institute of Archaeology

Archaeological Sciences

Cutting-edge research and teaching in Environmental Archaeology, Archaeological Materials and Computational Modelling.

Heritage Studies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology

Heritage Studies

Interdisciplinary research and teaching in Museum Studies, Conservation, Cultural Heritage Studies and Public Archaeology.

World Archaeology at the UCL Institute of Archaeology

World Archaeology

Unparalleled global expertise building upon 85 years of agenda-setting and progressive research and teaching activity.

Mortimer Wheeler on fieldwork

IoA History

From its establishment by Mortimer and Tessa Wheeler, the Institute of Archaeology has a long history, celebrating its 85th Anniversary in 2022.

Institute of Archaeology Library

IoA Library

The Institute of Archaeology Library was founded in 1937 to support teaching and research at the new Institute and contains c.70,000 books, and 800 current journals.

Bloomsbury World Archaeology Series

IoA Publications

Institute of Archaeology publications, produced in association with publishers, reflect the breadth of research supported by us.