Institute of Archaeology


Thomas Kiely - Honorary Lecturer


Name: Dr Thomas Kiely

Honorary Title: Honorary Lecturer

Email: tkiely@britishmuseum.org  

IoA staff nominator and email:

Todd Whitelaw t.whitelaw@ucl.ac.uk


Thomas collaborates with several Institute staff members (Todd Whitelaw, Corinna Riva, Borja Legarra Herrero, David Wengrow) in their teaching of the ancient Mediterranean, by facilitating access to The British Museum’s collections for handling and research, including archival sources. During lockdown, he was pleased to assist several students working on MA and BA dissertations, including providing them with otherwise inaccessible archival material related to BM collections. In April 2019, Thomas co-organised (with Maria Dikomitou Eliadou and the High Commission of Cyprus in the UK) a workshop on Cypriot archaeology and heritage in the UK. Pending the reopening of the museum’s study rooms, Thomas hopes to continue to facilitate these modules and to develop further collaborations with UCL colleagues. 


Selected recent publications

  • ‘Robert Hamilton Lang and the archaeology of Cyprus’, Cahiers du Centre d’Études Chypriotes 50 (2020 [2021]), 483-523. 
  • (with V. Karageorghis and contributions by A. Christophilopoulou, G. Constantinou, A. Ulbrich; edited by T. Kiely), Salamis-Toumba. An Iron Age Sanctuary in Cyprus Rediscovered. Excavations of the Cyprus Exploration Fund, 1890 (Nicosia: Cyprus Institute, 2019).
  •  T. Kiely, ‘Poachers turned gamekeepers? The British Museum’s archaeological agents in Cyprus in the 1890s’. In: D. Pilides (ed), The Tombs of Egkomi. British Museum Excavations (Nicosia: Department of Antiquities, 2019), 9-52.
  • T. Kiely, ‘Cyprus and Assyria’ In G. Brereton (ed.), I am Assurbanipal, King of Assyria, King of the world (London: Thames & Hudson, 2018), 138-153.
  • T. Kiely (ed. and author), 2009, 2011, Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum Online Research Catalogue  [https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20190801110655/https://www.br...