Institute of Archaeology


Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo - Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Name: Dr Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo

Honorary Title: Honorary Senior Research Fellow 

Email: juan.castillo@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:  

Borja Legarra Herrero, b.legarra@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Juan is working with Borja Legarra Herrero on a number of didactical and research archaeological projects, including the Pancorbo excavation and the edition of a monograph about early complex societies.

Besides this, he is carrying out with Andrew Reynolds the Aistra pluriannual archaeological project. Currently they are preparing some major publications of the site and planning new collaborations for the future focused on the study of Early Medieval European societies and landscapes.


Selected recent publications

Quirós Castillo J. A., ed. 2022, Archaeology and History of Peasantries 2:  Themes, Approaches and Debates, Bilbao

Quirós Castillo ed, 2020, Social Inequality in Early Medieval Europe. Local Societies and Beyond, Brepols, Collection Haut Moyen Âge 39, Turnhout

Quirós Castillo J. A., 2020, Archaeology of early medieval peasantry in the Basque Country: Landscapes, economic trends and societal change in Alava, Historia Agraria 82, 209-243

Quirós Castillo J. A., Tereso J. P. V., Seabra L., 2020, Social history of agricultural in Medieval rural sites in Iberia: Aistra and Zornoztegi (Alava, Spain), Journal of Archaeological Science, Reports Volume 33, October 2020, 102442,

Quirós Castillo J. A., 2020, An Archaeology of the “Small Worlds”: Social inequality in Early Medieval Iberian rural communities, Journal of Iberian Medieval Studies 12.1, 3-27