Institute of Archaeology


Zahed Tajeddin - Honorary Research Fellow


Name: Dr Zahed Tajeddin

Honorary Title: Honorary Research Fellow 

Email: z.tajeddin@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:  

Stephen Quirke s.quirke@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:  

Zahed collaborates with Stephen Quirke and Claudia Naeser on objects-based museum classes, workshops for BA/MA students and provides support for PhD students. He undertakes experimental archaeology research on vitreous material production in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and has an interest in contemporary art installation within museums and archaeological collection. Activities include major art installation Nu shabtis (Petrie Museum 2014, V&A 2016, and Manchester Museum 2018), and TV programmes (BBC4, Science Channel, Discovery Channel).


Selected recent publications

Quirke, S. & Tajeddin, Z., 2010. Mechanical reproduction in the age of the artwork? Faience and 5000 moulds from 14th-century BC. Visual communication, 9(3), pp.341-62

Taj-Eddin, Z. 2014. Egyptian Faience; Ancient Making Methods and Consideration of Technical Challenges in Sculptural Practice. PhD Dissertation, University of Westminster.

         Egyptian Faience: Experimental Approach (in progress