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Elizabeth Baquedano - Honorary Associate Professor

Elizabeth Baquedano receiving the Ohtli Award, given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Mexicans who live and work outside Mexico and is the most prestigious Award the Mexican Government bestows to individuals who have enhanced Mexico through the…

Name: Dr Elizabeth Baquedano

Honorary Title: Honorary Associate Professor

Email: e.baquedano@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

Elizabeth Graham  e.graham@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Elizabeth is the Coordinator of ARCL0172 Comparative Archaeologies of the Americas 2: Empires, States and Settlement and the Coordinator of ARCL0054 Aztec Archaeology and Ethnohistory.  She also collaborates with one or two lectures in Elizabeth Graham’s Archaeology of Mesoamerica course and organises the annual Nahuatl Study Day “Speaking and Writing Aztec” which started in 2014. Elizabeth also takes part in the annual South American Seminar, which is run by Bill Sillar, and she supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.


Research Publications

  • Baquedano, Elizabeth. 2019. “Ancient Mexico’s Heritage.” Latin American and LatinX Visual Culture, LALVC vol.1, Number 1, 111-114, University of California Press.
  • Baquedano, Elizabeth. 2020 “La symbolique du papillon en Mésoamerique.” Jade, Or, Porcelaine: Objets precieux dans la Chine d’hier et d’aujourd’hui. Eds. Félix Jun Ma et Solange Cruveillé. Presses Universitaires de la Mediterranée de la Université Paul Valery Montpellier III.
  • Baquedano, Elizabeth. 2020 (first paperback edition). Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and Supreme Deity. University Press of Colorado.
  • Baquedano, Elizabeth. “Ranas y sapos: simbolismo entre los Mexicas.” Los animales y el recinto sagrado de Tenochtitlan. Ed. Leonardo López Luján, (In press -expected 2021).
  • Milbrath, Susan and Elizabeth Baquedano (Eds.). Birds and Beasts of Ancient Mesoamerica: Animal Symbolism in Postclassic Mesoamerica. University Press of Colorado (in Press).