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Andrew Garrard - Honorary Associate Professor


Name: Dr Andrew Garrard

Honorary Title: Honorary Associate Professor

Email: a.garrard@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

Louise Martin Louise.martin@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Andrew obtained  a BSc in Zoology and Geology (Newcastle 1971) and a PhD in Archaeology (Cambridge 1981) for a dissertation concerned with Palaeolithic food procurement strategies in the Levant. Between 1982-89 he became Assistant Director and then Director of the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History during which time he directed extensive Palaeolithic-Neolithic survey and excavation project in steppe/desert/oasis environments of Azraq Basin in N.E. Jordan. Between 1990-2023 Andrew became Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Early Prehistory at the UCL Institute of Archaeology.. During this period, he co-directed major Palaeolithic-Neolithic survey and excavation project in forested mountain environments of Qadisha Valley in N.W. Lebanon with Professor Corine Yazbeck (Lebanese University).

As an Honorary Associate Professor, Andrew will be continuing with co-supervision of several PhD students with Ceri Shipton, James Steele (Emeritus Professor), Louise Martin and Rhiannon Stevens. He will also be contributing occasional lectures and seminars to undergraduate and postgraduate courses in early prehistory including those relating to the MSc Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology degree of which he was one of founders. In addition, he will be undertaking archive and publication work on Azraq Project (see above) and other aspects of Near Eastern prehistory with Louise Martin, Ceri Shipton, Katherine Wright (Honorary Associate Professor) and other staff. With wide experience in field research on prehistory of Near East, Andrew is happy to advise and collaborate with students and staff undertaking research in the area.


Selected Publications


  • Edwards Y., Garrard A. and Yazbeck C. (2017) Hunting and trapping strategies in the coastal mountains of northern Lebanon during the Epipalaeolithic. Levant 49: 237-58.
  • Bocquentin F. and Garrard A. (2016) Natufian collective burial practice and cranial pigmentation: a reconstruction from Azraq 18 (Jordan). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 10: 693-702.
  • Martin, L., Edwards, Y. H., Roe, J. and Garrard A. (2016) Faunal turnover in the Azraq Basin, eastern Jordan 28,000 to 9,000 cal BP, signalling climate change and human impact. Quaternary Research 86: 200-219.
  • Byrd B.F., Garrard, A. and Brandy P. (2016) Modeling foraging ranges and spatial organization of late Pleistocene hunter-gatherers in the southern Levant – a least-cost GIS approach. Quaternary International 396: 62-78.
  • Garrard, A. N., Byrd, B. (2013). Beyond the Fertile Crescent: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic Communities of the Jordanian Steppe. The Azraq Basin Project Volume 1: Project Background and the Late Palaeolithic (Geological Context and Technology). Oxford, Oxbow, Levant Supplementary Series 13. (430 pages)

See ResearchGate for full list of publications with accompanying downloads.