Institute of Archaeology


Okasha El Daly - Honorary Research Fellow



Honorary Title: Honorary Research Fellow

Email:  o.eldaly@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

Stephen Quirke  s.quirke@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Okasha works very closely with Stephen Quirke in organizing academic meetings, supporting his teaching and in publicizing the work of the IoA and UCL in general as well as responding to the UCL Media Relations team at any calls to contribute with an Egyptian perspective to interviews to international media outlets. Okasha’s current projects with Stephen revolve around the Egyptian Roots of Egyptology, and the role and preservation of UCL collections from Egypt in the IoA, UCL Culture and other departments. He joined Stephen and UCL alumna Ikram Ghabriel as the keynote panel discussants at the History of Egyptology online conference organised by Fatma Keshk in June 2021, as a model for future seminars. Okasha supports UCL colleagues and students in the study and appreciation of Egyptian contributions to archaeology and Egyptology.


Selected recent publications

  • De Trafford, A., G. J. Tassie, O. El Daly and J. van Wetering (eds.) A River Runs Through It. Essays in Honour of Professor Fekri A. Hassan. Vol 1. London:  Golden House 2018.
  • Hassan, F. A., G. J. Tassie, L. S., Owens, A. de Trafford, J.  van Wetering and O. El Daly (eds.) The Management of Egypt’s Cultural Heritage, Vol. 2. London: Golden House 2015.
  • El Daly, O. & S. Quirke, Arabic Transliteration of Ancient Egyptian. In F. Hassan et al. (eds) Managing Egypt’s Cultural  Heritage. London: Golden House 2009, 15-26.
  • El Daly, O. Egyptology: The Missing Millennium. Ancient Egypt in Medieval Arabic Writings. London: UCL Press 2005.   
  • Eldaly, O. Queen Cleopatra in medieval Arabic writings,. In S. Walker and S-A. Ashton (eds.)  Cleopatra Reassessed. London: British Museum Press 2003, 51-54.