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Beccy Scott - Honorary Associate Professor


Name: Dr Beccy Scott 

Honorary Title: Honorary Associate Professor

Email: RScott@britishmuseum.org  

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:  

Matthew Pope m.pope@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:  

Beccy Scott has been a Palaeolithic curator at the British Museum since 2009 in the Department of Britain, Europe and Prehistory, working on Palaeolithic collections as part of the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain (AHOB) and Pathways to Ancient Britain (PAB) projects. Between 2010 and 2018 she helped lead the Ice Age Island Project with the IoA and other partners, including Jersey Heritage, and was a senior researcher on the Crossing the Human Threshold project. She has been a guest lecturer on the IoA MA in the Archaeology of Human Origins, and published with IoA colleagues on the Neanderthal landscapes of the Channel river valley. Beccy is currently seconded to the Department of Collection Projects and Resources, and leads a team of curators preparing archaeological assemblages for research at the British Museum Archaeological Research Collection (BM_ARC) near Reading.


Selected recent publications

Compton, T., Skinner, M., Humphrey, L., Pope, M., Bates, M., Davies, T., Parfitt, S., Plummer, W., Scott, B., Shaw, A., Stringer,C. (2021). The morphology of the Late Pleistocene hominin remains from the site of La Cotte de St Brelade, Jersey (Channel Islands), Journal of Human Evolution, 152, 102939 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhevol.2020.102939.

Moncel, M.-H., Ashton, N. Arzarello, M., Fontana, F., Lamotte, A., Scott, B., Muttillo, B., Berruti, G. , Nenzioni, G., Tuffreau, A. (2020). Early Levallois core technology between marine isotope stage 12 and 9 in Western Europe. Journal of Human Evolution 139, 102735, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhevol.2019.102735

Bello, S. Blinkhorn, E. Needham, A., Bates, M., Duffy, S., Little, A., Pope, M., Scott, B., Shaw, A., Welch, M., Kinnaird, T., Millar, L., Robinson, R., Conneller, C. (2020) Artists on the edge of the world: An integrated approach to the study of Magdalenian engraved stone plaquettes from Jersey (Channel Islands), PLoS ONE 15(8): e0236875. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0236875

Scott, B., Pope, M., Ashton, N., Shaw, A. (2019). The Early Middle Palaeolithic of Britain and Jersey: reconnecting the Saalian occupations of the Channel Region (2019). In Montoya, C., Fagnart, J-P. and Locht, J._L. (Eds) Préhistoire de l'Europe du Nord-Ouest : mobilité, climats et identités culturelles, 1. Historiographie, paléolithique inférieur et moyen.

Scott, B. and Shaw, A. 2018. La Cotte de St Brelade: place making, assemblage and persistence in the Normano-Breton Gulf. In: Pope, M, McNabb, J. and Gamble, C. (Eds) Crossing the Human Threshold: Dynamic Transformation and Persistent Places during the Middle Pleistocene. Routledge, London.