Institute of Archaeology


Amanda Leon - Honorary Research Fellow


Name: Amanda Leon

Honorary Title: Honorary Research Fellow

Email: a.leon@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator and email:

Ulrike Sommer: u.sommer@ucl.ac.uk


Amanda works regularly in Archaeobotany, in the IoA’s Environmental Archaeology Laboratory, providing practical support to users of the Archaeobotany collections. In collaboration with Sue Colledge, she also takes responsibility for maintaining the records and organisation of the various collections. Most recently Amanda has reorganised parts of the collection to take account of new accessions which reflect the increasingly global reach of IoA Archaeobotany. She undertakes field and post-excavation work, having most recently participated in the work of Ulrike Sommer in Romania, supervising the processing of environmental samples and considering the related methodological issues involved in the treatment and interpretation of such samples.