Institute of Archaeology


Robert Ixer - Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Name: Dr Robert A. F. F. X. Ixer

Honorary Title: Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Email: r.ixer@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator and email:

Mike Parker Pearson m.parker-pearson@ucl.ac.uk


With Bill Sillar - petrographical studies of South American ceramics especially Inka, Killke and Lucre wares concentrating on their manufacture and the provenance of the raw materials used. Detailed provenance studies of andesite by the Inka; linking rocks to quarries.

With Mike Parker-Pearson - petrographical studies of Prehistoric lithics (and some ceramics) especially those associated with the Stonehenge Landscape and west Wales.


Selected recent publications

  • Rob A. Ixer, Richard E. Bevins, Duncan Pirrie, Peter Turner and Matthew Power. 2020. ‘No provenance is better than wrong provenance’: Milford Haven and the Stonehenge sandstones. Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Magazine 113, 1-15.
  • M Parker Pearson, J. Pollard, C. Richards, K. Welham,C. Casswell, C. French, D. Shaw, E. Simmons, A. Stanford, A., R.E. Bevins and R.A.Ixer. 2019. Megalithic quarries for Stonehenge’s bluestones. Antiquity 93, 45-62.
  • R.A. Ixer, P. Turner, S. Molyneux and R.E. Bevins 2017. The petrography, geological age and distribution of the Lower Palaeozoic Sandstone debitage from the Stonehenge Landscape. Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Magazine 110, 1-16.
  • Mike Parker Pearson, Richard Bevins, Rob Ixer, Joshua Pollard, Colin Richards, Kate Welham, Ben Chan, Kevan Edinborough, Derek Hamilton, Richard Macphail, Duncan Schlee, Jean-Luc Schwenninger, Ellen Simmons & Martin Smith 2015. Craig Rhos-y-felin: a Welsh bluestone megalith quarry for Stonehenge. Antiquity 89 1331 – 1352.
  • R. Ixer, S. Lunt, B. Sillar and P. Thompson 2014. Microscopic Rocks and Expansive Empires: Investigating Inca Ceramics from Cuzco, Peru. Archaeology International, 17 122-136.