Institute of Archaeology


Caroline Grigson - Honorary Professor


Name: Dr Caroline Grigson

Honorary Title: Honorary Professor

Email: c.grigson@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator's name and email address:

Louise Martin louise.martin@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Caroline’s collaboration with Louise Martin, Dr Kay Prag of Manchester University and Jane Gaastra has stalled due to coronavirus and the same is said to be true with the production of the monographs of the excavations at Tell Nebi Mend; however, she is expecting new phasing data for Trench V which will enable her to complete a new report on the Hellenistic material. Caroline has recently been invited by Dr Canan Çakırlar of the University of Groningen to be a joint author of a paper on the DNA of camel bones from various sites, including those from Tell Nebi Mend, which she identified and curated, and which are in the Institute’s collection. Caroline is always available to answer questions.


Selected recent publications

  • Grigson, C. ‘On the edge: Chalcolithic pastoral production in a semi-arid landscape (with a contribution by Yvonne Edwards)’. In: Levy, T.E., Rowan, Y.M. & Burton, M. M.  (eds.). Desert Chiefdom: Dimensions of Subterranean Settlement and Society in Israel's Negev Desert (c. 4500-3600 BC) Based on new data from Shiqmim. London: Equinox Publishing. I have been assured that this will be published shortly.
  • Grigson C. ‘Farmers, Fishers, Hunters? - Animal Remains from the Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic of Qatif, near Gaza’. In Bar-Oz, G. and Horwitz, L. K. (eds.). Zooarchaeology of the Holy Land. Jerusalem: IAA Reports; accepted 2012, publication imminent.
  • Grigson, C. (2019). Review of ‘Mungo Campbell and Nathan FLIS (eds.). William Hunter and the Anatomy of the Modern Museum’.  Archives of Natural History, 46(2), 367-8. https://www.euppublishing.com/doi/10.3366/anh.2019.0601?ai=t3&ui=12v3&af=T
  • Grigson, C. (2016). Menagerie: a History of Exotic Animals in England, 1129 to 1837. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 350 pp.
  • Grigson, C. (2015). The fauna of Tell Nebi Mend (Syria) in the Bronze and Iron Age.  – A Diachronic Overview. Part 1: Stability and Change – Animal Husbandry. Levant 47(1): 5-29.