Institute of Education


Centre for Teacher and Early Years Education

Working in partnership to improve quality in early years teacher education in China. An opportunity to transform education for 170 million children and their families.

Director: Professor Clare Brooks 

Our purpose is to bring together academics, teacher educators and practitioners from the IOE and across China, in order to generate effective and sustainable change in Chinese early years practice.

The Centre's focus

  • Genuine partnership: a collaboration between academics and teacher educators and practitioners
  • Research-informed change and development
  • Sustainability and scalability by developing local systems, structures, programmes and practice as well as by aggregating findings and insights gained over time
  • Innovation and change that is focused on pedagogy of practice-based learning
  • Capacity building

Research areas

  • Teacher education for the early years in China
  • Quality in early years education
  • Early literacy development
  • Family and parental education.

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