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Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0 - 11 years)

Researchers, educators and policy makers working together to transform children's lives through evidence and exemplary pedagogy.

Founding Director: Dominic Wyse
Co-Director: Rosie Flewitt

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (HHCP) was established in 2018 to extend the long-established work of the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and the Helen Hamlyn Trust in primary and early years education.


The Centre aims to enable children to realise their full potential through optimal teaching and learning. The centre works to improve pedagogy for children from birth to eleven years, particularly children living with disadvantage.


The centre's main focus is to enhance educational practice through research. This will be achieved through collaboration between education professionals, parents and children which results in change on the ground.

With the help of our partners, we will build on the longstanding and world-leading reputation of the IOE and the Helen Hamlyn Trust to create a lasting legacy in the field of primary and early years pedagogy.


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