IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities

We create cutting-edge research focused on equalising opportunities across the life course. Our work seeks ways to improve education policy and wider practices to achieve this goal.

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About us 

What are we trying to achieve?

We are one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, in terms of outcomes and opportunities. 

Our multidisciplinary work seeks to reduce these inequalities:

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How do we achieve our mission?
  • We research previously unanswerable questions, through innovative data collection and analysis.
  • We design, implement, and evaluate Randomised Control Trials (RCTs). 
  • We address novel questions in under-researched areas using existing large scale data from administrative sources, and from our rich birth cohort studies.

More about our approaches.


We believe a holistic approach is vital to create informed education policy and wider practice that works. The centre's multidisciplinary team brings together different perspectives from:

  • economics
  • education
  • psychology
  • social statistics.



Members who share an interest in our research programme and support our mission:

  • Dr Jo Blanden – University of Surrey
  • Professor Simon Burgess – University of Bristol
  • Dr Stuart Campbell – Bank of England
  • Dr Matt Dickson – IPR, University of Bath
  • Dr Catherine Dilnot – Oxford Brookes University
  • Professor Emla Fitzsimons – UCL Institute of Education
  • Professor Alissa Goodman – UCL Institute of Education
  • Professor Colin Green – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Professor Paul Gregg – University of Bath
  • Professor Colm Harmon – University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Susannah Hume - King’s Policy Institute
  • Professor David Jaeger – University of St Andrews 
  • Professor John Jerrim – UCL Institute of Education
  • Professor Ruth Lupton – Honorary Professor at University of Manchester
  • Professor Lee Elliot-Major – University of Exeter
  • Professor Sandra McNally – CVER, London School of Economics
  • Dr Richard Murphy – University of Texas at Austin
  • Dr Michael Sanders – King’s Policy Institute
  • Dr Luke Sibieta – Institute for Fiscal Studies and Sibieta Economics of Education
  • Professor Emma Tominey – University of York

Advisory group

  • Tom Richmond - Founder and Director, EDSK 
  • Tim Leunig - Director, Public First Economic and Strategy Consultancy
  • Osama Rahman - Director of the Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics
  • Carl Cullinane - Director of Research and Policy, Sutton Trust
  • Tom  McBride - Director - Ending Youth Violence Lab
  • Torsten Bell - Chief Executive, RES Foundation
  • Becky Francis - Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation
  • Jonathan Simons - Partner and Head of the Education Practice at Public First

UCL members

  • Alison Fuller – Professor of Vocational Education and Work, IOE
  • Lynn Ang – Pro-Director Research, IOE
  • Susan O'Neill - Head of the Department of Learning and Leadership (DLL) at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society
  • Li Wei - Director and Dean of IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society
  • Jennifer Hudson - Executive Dean - Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences; Vice-Dean - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion; Director - Development Engagement Lab