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Centre for Education and International Development

Leading research and teaching in education and international development.

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Education is integral to international development, and the Centre for Education and International Development (CEID) at IOE has nurtured world leaders in educational practice and research for over 85 years.

The centre comprises a team of internationally recognised experts in international development, education, and international educational policy. It delivers world leading teaching and carries out research of global importance.

Our focus areas

The centre concentrates around six thematic areas, each underpinned by the aim to improve people's lives through research, teaching, knowledge exchange and policy engagements.

We have substantial experience and expertise in carrying out research and consultancy projects for research councils, multilateral and bilateral agencies, national governments, regional and local agencies, NGOs, Foundations and private sector organisations. The thematic areas include:

About us 

Mission statement

CEID investigates education and international development, looking at the contribution of education to social justice, equalities, peacebuilding, health and wellbeing, migration, gender and women's empowerment.

We are the largest community of scholars, students and alumni focusing on education and international development in a single institution in the UK, with a history of 90 years in the field.

The Centre undertakes interdisciplinary research predominantly in and for Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific. Through our research and teaching, we consider how intersecting inequalities, hierarchies, exclusions, displacements, violence and conflicts affect education.

Our distinctive research and practice entails work that is theoretically engaged, methodologically rigorous and critically reflexive about data and the contexts in which data are generated.

We understand education in its broader sense as a human practice, entailing relationships that are reproductive and transformative of political, economic, social and cultural contexts. We are interested in the connections and disconnections between different phases, spaces and forms of education, different disciplines, and local, national and international levels of analysis.

Our concerns are to promote quality education as a human right, a sustainable development goal, a peacebuilding framework, and a process for expanding opportunities, capabilities and freedoms. Our work on these themes documents the complexity of relationships and forms of understanding, and our normative concerns to address and try to change injustices.

CEID Launch Keynote - 15 June 2017

Our staff


Academic staff

Administrative staff

  • Ioana Stan
  • Choy Wong

Emeritus staff

  • Jo Heslop - Honorary Lecturer in Education and International Development
  • Pat Pridmore, Professor Emerita of Education and Health in International Development
  • Angela Little, Professor Emerita of Education and International Development

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    Study with us


    Join us and carry out post-graduate Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research on Education and International Development issues, learn and critique development theories as they apply to education, and draw on your contextual expertise and experience to engage with other scholars.

    Graduate taught courses

    Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research

    The IOE provides an ESRC-recognised doctoral training programme to support students in acquiring cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative skills.

    We have an active programme of teaching and doctoral students are supported by experienced staff who offer research supervision across a range of topics and research methods including:

    • systematic reviews
    • application of quantitative methods
    • regression analysis and others.

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