IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


Graduate research

IOE's research leads the world, with four times as many world-leading scholars in education and related social science than any other UK university.

Our research has two main aims: to address fundamental questions that have a bearing on all members of society, and to raise the standard of educational research.

With access to more than 300 academic staff engaged in research across education, culture, psychology and social science, we provide the best possible environment for your studies.

Areas of expertise

  • Disciplines of education. Exploring early years to workplace and lifelong learning, as well as children and families, health and wellbeing, and international development.
  • The organisation and improvement of learning. Investigating factors that lead to tangible improvements in learning taking into account broader social, cultural and historical contexts.
  • Curriculum, culture and knowledge. Appraising the relationship between knowledge, learning and culture in educational environments.
  • Children, families and early learning. Examining early learning and education for children in families and formal institutions.
  • Longitudinal and social research. Studying the long term impact of education and skills in employment, health, social and other outcomes through statistical and quantitative research.

Information about our doctoral study programmes can be found below:

Professional Doctorates

MPhil/PhD (face-to-face or online)

MPhil/PhD (with integrated research methods training)

If you would like to develop your social science research skills prior to undertaking doctoral study you may be interested in: