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Find a supervisor

Before you apply for a doctoral programme, you will need to make contact with a potential supervisor.

Once you have found a potential supervisor for your project you can send them your research proposal:

Potential supervisors

We have more than 300 staff engaged in academic research. More information about potential supervisors (publications, projects and other research activities) can be found in the 'staff' sections of our department pages - see below. You can also look for key names or search terms in the Institutional Research Information System (IRIS).

Please approach only one potential supervisor at any one time. If you have difficulty in identifying a potential supervisor or have not received a response to your email, contact the Admissions Team at admissions@ucl.ac.uk or the relevant Graduate Research Tutor for assistance.

Departmental Graduate Tutors

Each department also has one or more Departmental Graduate Tutor, who can help you with your application:

Culture, Communication and Media

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Education, Practice and Society

Learning and Leadership

Psychology and Human Development

Social Research Institute