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Centre for Research in Autism and Education

Enhancing the lives of autistic people and their families through ground-breaking scientific research.

Director: Dr Anna Remington

The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) is a partnership between IOE, the leading centre for education and social research in the UK, and Ambitious about Autism, the national charity for children and young people with autism.

About us 


CRAE’s mission is to help enhance the lives of autistic people and their families.

We conduct ground-breaking scientific research to enhance our knowledge about support, education and outcomes for autistic people, their families and those who support them. This research aims to be collaborative in nature; doing research with autistic people, rather than on or about them. 

We work to ensure that this evidence-based knowledge is translated to that it can have meaningful impact and make a real difference to people’s everyday lives. 

We are committed to actively engage with autistic people and their allies (e.g., families, teachers, clinicians), as well as policy-makers and the wider public to promote awareness and acceptance of autism. We strive to achieve this through collaborative research practice, sharing knowledge and hosting an active programme of free public engagement events. 



Research Assistants

  • Jade Davies
  • Freya Elise 
  • Audrey Linden 

PhD students

  • Maria Ashworth 
  • Jana Brinkert 
  • Ginny D'Odorico
  • Emeline Han
  • Alison Livemore
  • Sarah Quinnell 
  • Mel Romualdez 
  • Clare Truman 
  • Kana Umagami

Honorary staff

  • Victoria Bovell OBE, Senior Research Associate
  • Ali Northcott, Researcher and Artist in Residence
  • Katelyn Smalley, Honorary Research Fellow

CRAE was established in 2009 through generous donations from The Clothworkers' Foundation, Pears Foundation and Kirby Laing Foundation

We are also extremely grateful to our funders, including Pears Foundation, Ambitious about Autism, Autistica, The Bloomsbury Colleges, The British Academy, Economic and Social Research Council, European Research Council, UCL Grand Challenges, and Wellcome Trust

A huge thank you to all the autistic children, young people and adults, their families and those who support them, and to all of the schools with whom we work. Our work would simply not be possible without their continued support.


Our research

Our centre has a broad, active programme of research including experimental work on social, cognitive and perceptual development in autistic children, adolescents and adults. Insights from this research help us to develop and test different intervention and education approaches to better understand how autistic people learn.

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