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Centre for Research in Autism and Education

Enhancing the lives of autistic people and their families through ground-breaking scientific research.

Director: Dr Anna Remington

The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) is a partnership between the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), University College London, the leading centre for education and social research in the UK, and Ambitious about Autism, the national charity for children and young people with autism.


Our mission is to help enhance the lives of autistic people and their families. We conduct ground-breaking scientific research to enhance knowledge about interventions, education and outcomes for autistic children, young people and adults.

Our staff

Director of Centre

Dr Anna Remington, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science

Academic staff

Dr Laura Crane, Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer
Dr Melissa Bovis, Research Communications and Engagement Officer
Dr Alyssa Alcorn, Research Associate
Eloise Ainger, Research Assistant
Joe Barker, Research Assistant

PhD students

Lorcan Kenny
Ellie Buckley
Jana Brinkert
Clare Truman (part-time)


Rachel Prosser, Undergraduate Placement Student (University of Bath)
Demi Eades, Undergraduate Placement Student (University of Kent)
Ali Northcott, Artist in Residence
Tyrel Oshinowo, Work Experience Student
Siena Castellon, Work Experience Student

CRAE Alumni

Abigail Croydon (Research Officer)
Adam Dinsmore (Research Officer)
Antonella Pome (Visiting Placement Student, Italy)
Catherine Jones (Researcher)
Catherine Manning (PhD Student and Research Officer)
Dominique Girard (Visiting Placement Student, Canada)
Eilidh Cage (PhD Student)
Eilish Roy (Undergraduate Placement Student, University of Kent)
Elena Klaric (Research Assistant)
Erica Salomone (Researcher)
Felicity Sedgewick (PhD Student)
Greg Pasco (Research Fellow)
Hannah White (Undergraduate Placement Student, University of Bath)
Irene Molina Garcia (Visiting PhD Student, Spain)
Lorenzo Molinari (UCL Laidlaw Scholar, Undergraduate)
Liz Pellicano (Professor, Director 2013-2017)
Jake Fairnie (Post-doctoral Researcher)
Kate (Soojung) Yoon (PhD student)
Kathrin Olsen (Visiting PhD Student, Norway)
Katie Gaudion (PhD Student)
Katy Warren (Undergraduate Placement Student, University of Bath)
Kristelle Hudry (Post-doctoral Researcher)
Louise (Lenny) Neil (Research Officer)
Mark Taylor (Researcher)
Owen Parsons (Research Officer)
Rachael Bedford (Researcher)
Rebecca Sealy (Undergraduate Placement Student, University of Bath)
Sachita Suryanarayan (PhD Student)
Samuel Kirk (Work Experience Student)
Ryan Scullion (Work Experience Student)
Sarah Crockford (Masters Student and Research Assistant)
Susie Chandler (Researcher)
Teresa Tavassoli (Post-doctoral Researcher)
Themis Karaminis (Post-doctoral Researcher)
Tony Charman (Professor, Former Director 2009-2013)

Find more about our researchers, publications, activities, groups and themes: UCL Research Portal, IRIS


CRAE was established in 2009 with the help of generous initial donations from The Clothworkers' Foundation, Pears Foundation, and Kirby Laing Foundation.

We work to ensure that our knowledge is translated so that it can make a real difference to people's everyday lives. We work with professionals on the ground, like teachers and clinicians, and with those directly impacted by autism - children, young people and adults with autism, their families and friends, and the wider public - to promote awareness, and acceptance, of autism.


Our centre has a broad, active programme of research including experimental work on social, cognitive and perceptual development in children, adolescents and adults with autism. Insights from this research help us to develop and test different intervention and education approaches to better understand how people with autism learn.

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