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Centre for Post-14 Education and Work

Improving the relationship between education, working life and active citizenship, internationally, nationally and locally.

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Our centre seeks to research current and future-oriented perspectives on post-14 education and its role within society.

We will explore broad issues, such as globalisation, changing employment patterns, the ageing society, the effects of new technology, migration, dimensions of inequality, London as a global city, citizenship, and examine the role of lifelong and life-wide learning in helping people and organisations face these challenges and opportunities.

14+ formal and informal education

We are interested in all types of 14+ formal and informal education that take place in a variety of contexts - in educational institutions, at work, at home and through leisure activities - and are pursued for a wide range of purposes.

About us 


The Post-14 Centre for Education and Work exists in order to stimulate and sustain investigation, reflection and debate regarding post-14 education policy and practice with a particular emphasis upon the contribution that such education makes to the prosperity and well-being of individual learners, their communities and the nation as a whole.

Our staff


Staff partners

UCL Honorary Research Associates/Fellows

  • Dr Eleanor Andressen
  • Dr Susan Cousins
  • Mick Fletcher
  • Neil Fletcher
  • Harriet Harper
  • Dr Beth Kelly
  • Susan McGrath
  • Geoff Stanton
  • Ruth Gilbert
  • Martyn Waring
  • Cath Sezen


Our research


Our Centre aims to act as the focus and first point of call for research and consultancy internationally, nationally, and locally in the following broad areas:

  • Upper secondary education (14-19)
  • Technical, vocational and professional education and training
  • Work-based and work-related learning
  • Further education and its interface with the work-based route and higher education
  • Learning within the criminal justice system
  • Adult and community learning
  • Adult literacy, language and numeracy, including English and maths
  • English, maths and ESOL in 14-19 education
  • Initial teacher training and continuing professional development
  • London as a global city
  • International perspectives on and developments in post-14 education.


Within each of these strands the centre will explore a number of cross-cutting themes:

  • Curriculum and qualifications.
  • Teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Educational participation, progression, life transitions and the issue of exclusion and disengagement.
  • The changing nature of work and the economy and its relationship to education and training.
  • Policy making and policy learning.
  • Institutional collaboration and the creation of local learning systems.
  • Institutional and system leadership, governance, and professional identities.

Current projects

Featured research

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More info


See a list of Post-14 Education and Work research papers and journal articles

For further details about our researchers, publications, activities, groups and themes:


Our centre is regarded as a leading centre for research into, consultation on, and dissemination of matters pertaining to education and training.

We have an excellent track record of continuing professional development and consultancy projects working with international, national, regional and local bodies and stakeholders. We are distinctive in maintaining close contact with practitioners and with policy-makers through its professional and scholarly contacts.


We are internationally recognised as consultancy experts in the following areas: upper secondary education, further education, adult and community learning, adult literacy, language and numeracy, including English and maths, learner progression, technical, vocational and professional education and training, leadership and governance.

Case studies

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Network groups


Our centre is committed to building relationships and dialogue with a range of stakeholders and seeks to collaborate with them through its networks.

The ‘Post-14 Network’ is open to anyone who has an interest in post-14 education and training. Practitioners, policy makers, leaders and researchers. If you would like to receive updates on the Centre’s conferences, seminars and other activities please do join our network.

Joining the Network

You just need to complete the application form to join the centre network

Members will not only participate in conferences and seminars but will also, where appropriate, be invited to be partners in aspects of the centre’s research and consultancy.

14-19 Alliance

We also continue to support the '14-19 Alliance', a policy discussion group that involves a wide range of education and civil society organisations and meets six times annually.

English, Mathematics & ESOL, Literacy and Numeracy (EM&ELN)

The EM&ELN Network is a network of practitioners, researchers and policy makers who are focused on the understanding and development of practices and skills in English, mathematics, ESOL, literacy and numeracy.

We are interested in:

  • developing deeper understandings of the ways in which we use language, literacy, mathematics and numeracy in our daily lives
  • the teaching and learning of English, mathematics, ESOL, literacy and numeracy, for both young people and older adults
  • the development of subject knowledge/expertise in these areas, including teacher education and professional development.

Network purpose

To provide a national, independent and participative opportunity for practitioners, researchers and policy makers to work together to explore and share theory and practice.

EM&ELN Network staff

  • Sam Duncan
  • Graham Griffiths
  • Vera Hutchinson
  • Anne McKeown
  • Irene Schwab
  • Sonia Thomas

Joining the Network

It is free to join. If you would like to join the EM&ELN Network and find out more about the Network's activities, email ioe.post14admin@ucl.ac.uk or fill out the network application form (which will first ask you to join the wider Centre for Post-14 Education and Work before inviting you to join this network).

Latest news

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Forthcoming events

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